GetResponse – Top Email Marketing Software in 2023

Getting your company’s product or service in front of the public is the ultimate goal of every business. This is where email marketing software jumps into the equation offering business to reach to bigger customer base. When it comes to email marketing software, GetResponse always makes your day and streamline the marketing efforts.

Due to the millions of customers it reaches today; Internet marketing has become highly profitable. However, marketers must target the right audience at the right time and in the right way. To generate the necessary audiences and leads, GetResponse email marketing tool is crucial in every business.

The majority of business owners believe email marketing is the most effective method. The importance of marketing for startups cannot be overstated. With the use of GetResponse top email marketing software in 2023 simplifies the process and eliminates the hassle of marketing.

GetResponse – Top Email Marketing Software

GetResponse is a top email marketing software that can boost your sales effectively within a short time frame. The program makes sending emails and creating pages accessible and efficient.

It has the best tools for email marketing that you can use to acquire multiple new leads and audiences and aid in dragging your business to the top.

GetResponse Pricing

The GetResponse marketing platform is one of the top email marketing software in 2023 with both a free and a pro version. Even the free version comes with the best features and tools for email marketing.

You can opt for premium plans to raise your business sky-high. The best part of this software is that you can use the entire marketing for 30 days free of cost. At the end of 30 days, you can choose a premium plan you desire or stay on the free version if you wish.

There are four different packages available in the premium version of this top email marketing software.

  • Basic – The package costs 15 dollars every month, and you can send emails to up to 1000 subscribers. You have to pay an increased amount if you wish to increase the reception beyond 1000 subscribers.
  • Plus – The price of this package is 49 dollars per month for up to 1000 subscribers.
  • Pro – The expense of this package plan is 99 dollars per month, supporting 1000 subscribers.
  • Max – This package includes custom pricing. The price depends on the size list and other requirements you wish to have and includes various discounts.

In the basic, plus, and max versions, you can increase the size list to 10,000 subscribers, but the cost keeps rising per subscriber count. A maximum of 450 dollars for the basic plan, 499 dollars for the plus plan, and 580 dollars for the professional packages are required to attain 10000 subscribers.

Advantages & Disadvantages of GetResponse Email Marketing Software


  • User-friendly

Even a beginner will be able to understand and use this top email marketing software.

  • On-time delivery

Emails need to reach the correct audiences at the appropriate times. The software does a perfect job of quickly delivering emails at accurate timings.

  • Reasonable

Compared with its competitors, the software is very affordable, and discounts are available.

  • Unlimited marketing tools

It has the best tools for email marketing, and it not only aids you in email marketing but also in improvising the overall marketing productivity of your business.

  • Customer interaction

The software involves direct interactions with customers through direct chats, which increase the chances of a more elevated trade. Also, it is available in various languages and has customer support options.


  • The interface of the software is a little complex and could be improved. 
  • The default templates available in the platform are outdated and old and merely suit contemporary needs.
  • Support with mobile phones is only accessible with the max plans of the software.
  • A large number of integrations include the involvement of third-party tools.
  • The working of the newsletter sign-up systems and the website builder need improvement.

The Features of GetResponse

The GetResponse is a top email marketing software in 2023 with the best free email marketing tools and other advanced features.

  • Design features – The software has multiple design features and predesigned templates to specialize your marketing campaign.
  • Newsletters – A newsletter is essential to increasing sales and keeping subscribers engaged by offering them exciting and valuable information.
  • Autoresponders – This top email marketing software has a free email autoresponder that enables you to create a sequence of emails to follow up. The emails will be sent automatically to the subscribers for the specified timing.
  • Marketing Automation – The automation builder strives to bring new leads by converting initial stage subscribers into regular customers. It involves sending emails automatically that are precise, attractive, and with great offers to subscribers. The presence of a free email autoresponder makes the platform elite. 
  • Segmentation Tools – It enables the users to categorize contacts and send emails to personalized contact addresses. 
  • Email Analytics – The feature lets you track your performance in your email marketing campaign by analyzing customers’ responses and helps you understand your audience better.
  • Perfect Delivery – The software has proven 99 percent deliverability and delivers emails at accurate timings.
  • Website Builder – You can easily create a stunning website of your own in a matter of seconds using creative ideas and choosing the best-predesigned templates available.
  • Landing Pages – The drag-and-drop builder allows users to create tempting landing pages by choosing templates from more than 100 available template designs. The software transforms landing pages into returns and can be used to promote various events.
  • Webinar Builder – The feature helps in elevating the involvement with customers.
  • Live Chat – This exclusive option in the software implies that you can now directly converse with your customers in live sessions.
  • Conversion Funnels – This top email marketing software in 2023 also helps in increasing your sales quantity. 

What makes GetResponse the accurate Newsletter service for you?

Newsletters are a crucial part of the email marketing campaign and are one of the most used marketing strategies in gaining a large number of leads. But attracting leads through newsletters requires skills to create engaging and relevant content that can win your audiences.

With GetResponse, you can fill your subscribers’ inboxes with convincing service updates and luring proposals. The newsletters never turn them away, and you can ensure they reach your audience at the right time to ensure overwhelming sales. Moreover, this feature is free of charge and will remain so.

With all these traits in mind, you can vividly opt for GetResponse as a top email marketing software in 2023 that delivers the best newsletter service to develop your business.

Is GetResponse’s pricing comparable to those of its competitors?

The free version of this top email marketing software allows us to implement our email marketing campaigns to a certain extent. The premium plans, which include four packages, will get you to the next level and provide many more features. 

The prices of the packages are comparable to those offered by its competitors. You can benefit from interactions with up to 1000 subscribers on the basic plan with a starting price of only 15 dollars. 

On the other hand, other competitor software like Aweber or Campaign Monitor will charge you more. Also, discounts are available in the max plan if you are ready to make an upfront payment for 1 or 2 years. 

GetResponse provides the best email marketing service and the most competitive pricing compared to its competitors. This is the reason it’s recognized as the top email marketing software in 2023.

GetResponse Webinars

The GetResponse webinar builder makes this operation efficient and effective by enabling you to host unlimited webinars to keep your subscribers up to date. You can store webinar recordings for up to 20 whole hours and present your session with nearly 1000 attendees live.

A webinar is one of the best ways to build deep interactions with audiences, explain clearly the benefits of your product, or answer queries about your services.

Another plus point is that you can share the platform with two more presenters, which means that a total of three presenters can host the session. 

GetResponse Live chat

It is one enticing feature of GetResponse. Using the live chat option, you can get to know your audience directly by chatting with them. You can enable chat options via landing pages and emails to help subscribers solve your products or services queries.

You can accomplish this by incorporating a chatting window on your page and chatting with people landing on them. Adding tags and custom fields to chats attributes you to segregate your customer base.

Offering support through live chats and getting engaged with individuals personally increase the chances of them gaining your trust, and therefore they will gain confidence to buy your services. Customizing the chat boxes with the right colors and styles will help your audience get more involved.

GetResponse AI-based Website builder

An alluring website is essential to increase your conversion rates. With the AI-based website builder of GetResponse, you can create your website based on your industry or business. You can design your website the way you want by intruding on your ideas.

You can quickly do it in a few minutes by selecting charming predesigned templates that can please your clients. There are more than 120 templates on the platform, and you can also customize the templates based on your business or industrial requirements.

Customer Support

The software offers a whole lot of support to its customers. They can acquire help related to promoting their business or starting their initiative from the help center.

Several resources on generating leads and tips and tricks in using email marketing software to increase sales are available for you to go through. Also, there are email and live chat support options for the users.

GetResponse Integrations

The GetResponse software enables integration with their favorite existing tools and software. You can effortlessly connect the software with over 150 applications, including customer relationship management systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, eCommerce services like Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, and many more. 

GetResponse App

The GetResponse application is now available, with which you can get hold of the service by just downloading the application. The app has more than 100000 downloads and a customer rating of 4.4, indicating that it is a valuable tool that makes email marketing effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GetResponse a CRM?
Yes, the GetResponse has eCommerce and CRM features, offering integration with CRM apps like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

How much does GetResponse cost?

  • The basic package of GetResponse costs 15 dollars every month.
  • The price of Plus package is 49 dollars per month.
  • The expense of Pro package plan is 99 dollars.
  • The Max package includes custom pricing. 

Is GetResponse suitable for email marketing?
GetResponse has widespread features and email marketing options necessary to elevate sales and make your oscillating subscribers your constant buyers. Over 350000 customers trust it, which is a good choice for marketing your services via email.

Which is better: Aweber or GetResponse?
GetResponse has more advanced features and tools required for email marketing and is less costly than Aweber. Therefore, GetResponse turns out to be a better choice to upgrade your business.

How do I find my GetResponse API key?
To find your API key, follow the steps given below:

  • Head towards Integrations and API in the menu.
  • Under the API section, choose the generate API key button.
  • Copy the API key and paste it into the integrations tab in the field of Getsitecontrol.
  • Save the changes made.

Key Takeaways

GetResponse is a powerful email marketing software in 2023 that offers a helping hand to small businesses in delivering their services to mass audiences via email and helps companies expand their business by strategically marketing their products.

The software includes the best free email marketing tools and options that aid you in creating more attractive and appealing landing pages and newsletters that are sure to turn into new leads. Moreover, features like live chat and webinar integration improve relationships with subscribers, making them permanent or converting them into your latest punter.

You can accomplish your marketing goals with the free version of the software. The premium version is available in different packages and includes advanced features worth paying for. The software is trusted by individuals across 182 countries, with its availability in 27 languages.

All in all, it is a must-try software, offering the best email marketing service that every business owner needs. If you want, you can also check out the best WordPress SEO Plugin 2023.

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