Restaurants in South Mumbai: Top Restaurants to Visit in Mumbai

Mumbai, also termed as the financial capital of India is more than that; it is an amalgamation of different cultures and varied food varieties and Restaurants in South Mumbai meet all your food cravings. South Mumbai offers a lot in terms of history coupled with its busy streets offering many eating options suitable for any person’s taste preferences. If you are living there or just touring around as a traveler, Restaurants in South Mumbai guarantees an unparalleled gastronomic expedition— be it familiar traditional tastes or exotic dining experiences. 

Leading Restaurants in South Mumbai to Visit that fills your hungers

Restaurants in South Mumbai gives you some best dining experience

With fine dining establishments, Mumbai is witnessing a sudden rise in casual dining concepts that are catering to the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. Concepts like Gastropubs, bistros, and trendy cafes are becoming a common stop for urban dwellers who wish to seek quality meals in a relaxed setting. These eateries are often focused on comfort food with a twist of gourmet. They offer everything from artisanal pizzas to gourmet burgers, accompanied by craft cocktails and artisanal brews. Here are some top notch restaurants that brings the best to the table:

The Table

The Table is situated right at the centre of Colaba— it is known as a place where innovation meets food, and where chic meets dining environment. This restaurant is keen on using fresh local ingredients, which implies that they come up with seasonal dishes but are also sustainable. Its menu has a mix of different parts of the world with an Indian essence; you can try out our truffle risotto and braised pork belly among other delicacies that will definitely excite your taste buds. This makes The Table an ideal choice for cozy dinners or even informal get-togethers— hence its popularity among both locals and tourists is not surprising.

Address: Ground Floor, Kalapesi Trust Building, Appolo Bunder Marg, Colaba, Mumbai


Trishna is an iconic seafood Restaurant open in Mumbai located in Fort that has been satisfying customers for years. It focuses on coastal food from various parts of India and is famous for its butter garlic crab plus tandoori prawns. The atmosphere is rustic yet lively— a portrayal of Indian hospitality’s warmth. Be it the desire for hot Malvani fish curry spiciness or traditional tandoori preparations; Trishna presents genuine Indian cuisine in a way that will not disappoint you and shouldn’t be missed.

Address- Sai Baba Mandir Marg, next to Commerce House, opp. Kalaghoda Cafe, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Contact Number-  022 2270 3213

Bombay Canteen

Are you that foodie who loves exploring India’s diverse culinary and cultural heritage? Then, Bombay Canteen, located in Lower Parel is there for you. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by regional Indian Cuisines which offers innovative dishes that reflect the country’s flavors and ingredients. From street food-inspired small plates to hearty mains, this place offers a menu that is true to the creativity and skill of its chefs. The lively atmosphere and vibrant ambiance make this spot perfect for food enthusiasts looking to explore the depth of Indian flavors.

To know more, visit their website at 


In the serene neighborhood of Mahalaxmi, Masque is famous for its farm-to-table dining experience. The restaurant’s main spotlight is the seasonal ingredients which are sourced from local farms. They offer tasty menus that can change with the seasons. The unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality is clearly reflected in their every dish. Dining at Masque is a culinary journey that explores the essence of Indian cuisine through creative techniques and contemporary presentations.

To know more about their services, visit them at 


Dakshinayan is the heaven for authentic aficionados of South Indian cuisine. The restaurants possess expertise in dishes from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. It offers a menu that features everything from crispy dosas to fragrant biryanis. The ambiance is cozy and inviting, reminiscent of a traditional South Indian home, this place is a popular choice for families and South Indian food lovers alike.

Address- Gandhigram Rd, opp. isckon temple, Jukarwadi, Juhu


Are you looking for a place where you want to have a seafood meal or want to host a special celebration, then Gajalee is a promise for an unforgettable seafood dining experience. With its origins in Maharashtra’s coastal cuisine Vile Parle, is a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts. This restaurant is known for its fresh catch of the day! Prepared in authentic Malvani and Konkani style, it offers mouth-watering crabs to pawns with warm hospitality and a vibrant dining atmosphere.

Contact- +912226166470, +912226114093, +918108123002

Slink & Bardot

If you want to crave contemporary European cuisine with an Indian twist, rush to Slink & Bardot in Worli. This place is a bistro-style Restaurants in South Mumbai that is famous for its inventive dishes and soothing ambiance. Starting from duck confit to ratatouille, every dish stands as pure bliss! The restaurant’s creative menu and charming setting make it a favorite spot for locals who seek unique dining experiences in South Mumbai.

Address- Thadani House 329/A Opposite Indian Coast Guard Worli Village, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400030


Khyber is a legendary Restaurants open in Mumbai that has been serving North Indian cuisine for the last five decades. It is the best pick for rich Mughlai- flavors and elegant and lavish décor. The menu offers classic dishes like butter chicken, kebabs, and authentic biryanis. The restaurant caters to a perfect loyal ambience and impressive services that make your dining experience a golden memory to cherish forever.

Address- 145, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Contact-  022 4039 6666

Café Mondegar

Café Mondegar is situated in Colaba which is not only just a restaurant but a landmark of Mumbai culture. It is known for its retro vibe, vibrant murals, and authentic menus. Café Mondegar offers a perfect dining experience that captures the authentic essence of old Bombay. Whether your heart is craving a lip-smacking breakfast or a lazy night snack, this place is an iconic café that will serve you your comfort food accompanied by chilled beers and live music jams.

Address: Metro House, Colaba Causeway, near Regal Cinema, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 40000

A look at the culinary evolution since 2000: A sneak peak!

The dining landscape of Mumbai has undergone a massive transformation since the turn of the millennium. It has started reflecting the city’s dynamic growth and multicultural influences. From traditional eateries to avant-garde dining ideas, the restaurants open in Mumbai are continuing to push the boundaries of gastronomy simultaneously preserving the souvenir of culinary traditions!

Celebrating Mumbai’s Culinary Delights!

As we have embarked on the mouth-smacking tasteful journey of Mumbai, whether indulging in seafood delights at Trishna or flavorful innovative dishes at Bombay Canteen, each caters to a unique glimpse into the heart of Mumbai’s rich culinary heritage. From traditional Indian flavors to global inspirations, the city’s dining scenarios continue to grow and promise an unforgettable experience for every food lover.

Whether you are a locality seeking new explorations of places or a visitor exploring Mumbai’s cultural landmarks, the restaurants open in Mumbai prove to be the highlight of the city’s spirit of innovation, hospitality, and gastronomic excellence. So, immerse yourself in the flavors of Mumbai and discover why it is truly a lover’s paradise that is waiting to be explored!

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