Top Features Arriving in Apple iOS 18 update

Apple is known to release significant software updates like the Apple iOS 18 update this year. They launch the update every year a few months before the new iPhone launch. This time, they are planning some more impressive and even smarter AI enhancements. 

Apple is developing big language models to improve in-app functionality with AI and machine learning. Apple is planning to bring iOS 18 in the new iPhone 16 launch.

Each iteration of Apple’s iOS redefines user experiences, pushing limits and defining new mobile ecosystem norms. The IT world is excited about iOS 18’s new features and enhancements for millions of iPhones and iPads. 

When is iOS 18 coming?

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June 10 is the Worldwide Developers Conference preview of Apple iOS 18 update. After WWDC, developers can test Apple iOS 18 update, with a public beta expected in July.

Leading features arriving in Apple iOS 18 update 

Here are list of promising features that iOS 18 will include:

1. AI Features

The first iOS 18 AI features will run on-device, not in the cloud. Due to processing power, some features may be limited to iPhone 16 versions with stronger CPUs.

Apple may use Google or OpenAI for cloud-based capabilities in iOS 18, which will initially run on devices. Apple wants a large-scale hardware partner to support cloud-based generative AI services like image creation and prompt-based writing.

They may incorporate a Google or OpenAI chat functionality in iOS 18, but not its generative AI chatbot. Apple is talking to Google and OpenAI about adding the Gemini AI engine to iOS 18. Apple is reportedly close to a deal with OpenAI to integrate OpenAI and Google AI technologies into the operating system.

2. Siri and Search

Siri will benefit from iOS 18 new features of AI advancements. A leak claims Apple will employ LLMs to reimagine Siri as the “ultimate virtual assistant completely.”

LLMs power chatbots like ChatGPT by using algorithms to generate content from massive volumes of data. Siri may increase natural conversation and user customisation, according to rumours. Siri will be able to sync conversation data across devices.

3. Design Changes

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says Apple is working on an iOS 18 redesign “as early as this year.”

Despite rumours that iOS 18 will be revamped to match visionOS, iOS is not expected to completely adopt visionOS.

4. Home Screen Revamp

iOS 18’s Home Screen will provide iPhone owners with greater design options. Apple aims to give users more app icon arrangement options.

5. App updates

Apple’s Notes, Mail, Photos, and Fitness applications may be updated in iOS 18. Some scheduled refreshes are unknown, although we’ve received clues regarding additional functionality.

a. Safari

Safari is likely to get a major redesign with new browsing options. An “Intelligent Search” option will summarize webpages using on-device AI to detect significant subjects and phrases.

A “Web Eraser” tool removes unnecessary webpage areas. Unless reversed, “erased” webpage sections persist across visits.

The address bar will have a new quick-access menu with page tools and some Share Sheet functionalities.

Apple also wants to align Safari on iPadOS and macOS.

b. Apple Maps

The iOS 18 Apple Maps app may get several new features.

Users of Apple Maps may be able to select bespoke routes instead of Apple’s pre-selected ones. Users could choose picturesque or familiar roads for custom routes.

In iOS 18, Apple may introduce watchOS 10’s topographic map to the iPhone. Hiking and other outdoor activities use topographic maps’ pathways, contour lines, elevation, points of interest, and other characteristics.

c. Notes

Direct voice memo recording and embedding in iOS 18 Notes are expected. Apple may also support mathematical notation for more equations in notes.

Notes and Voice Memos will automatically transcribe audio recordings. The Notes app may also provide AI-generated summaries of audio recordings.

d. Calendar and Reminders

Reminders integration will allow the Calendar app to view and interact with Reminders.

e. Calculator App

With iPadOS 18, Apple will add a Calculator app. A “universal” app for the iPhone, iPad, and macOS will have a comparable look and function.

The iPhone Calculator app may also get connection with the Notes app, a better unit conversion interface, and a list of recent computations.

f. Apple Music

Apple Music could offer auto-generated playlists based on mood, time of day, and other characteristics.

g. Keynote, Numbers, Pages

AI is coming to Apple’s iWork apps. Keynote will generate slides automatically, while Pages will generate text.

h. Shortcuts

Siri shortcuts will integrate better, automating complex activities with less effort.

i. Health

Unknown AI functions may be added to the Health app.

6. CarPlay Updates

Apple plans many CarPlay accessibility enhancements.

Voice Control: Allows voice-controlled CarPlay and app navigation.

Colour Filters: Color filters change the CarPlay interface for colourblind people.

Sound Recognition: Gives deaf or hard-of-hearing drivers and passengers CarPlay notifications for car horns and sirens.

7. Accessibility

There will be new iPhone features with many new accessibility improvements for iOS 18.

a. Reduce Motion Sickness

Using an iPhone or iPad while driving can cause motion sickness, but a new Vehicle Motion Cues option can help. In motion, a sensory conflict between what a person sees and feels can produce motion sickness.

Motion Vehicle Cues show real-time motion changes on the display. Vehicle motion is represented by dynamic dots at the screen’s boundaries, decreasing sensory conflict without interfering with the main content. The iPhone may automatically display the choice or toggle it on and off in the Control Center.

b. Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking lets iPhone and iPad users navigate with their eyes. It employs AI and the front-facing camera to detect where users look and activate buttons, swipes, and gestures.

c. Musical Haptics

The iPhone’s Taptic Engine plays “taps, textures, and refined vibrations” that match music when Music Haptics is on. The capability works on millions of Apple Music songs and may be added to apps.

d. Voice shortcuts

With Vocal Shortcuts, iPhone and iPad users may give Siri “custom utterances” to launch shortcuts and understand complex tasks.


Everyone is eagerly waiting for iOS 18 features, upgrades, and enhancements. iOS 18, which prioritises innovation, usability, and sustainability, will transform the mobile experience, allowing users to explore new possibilities and embrace a future where technology permeates our lives. As we explore iOS’s future, one thing is certain: the greatest is yet to come. 

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