Level Up Your Gaming With Best Gaming Gadgets To Buy 

Hello, gamers! Do you occasionally find yourself stuck in video games mostly due to gaming gadgets, unable to go through any level or finish the mission? It happens with every gamer, so don’t panic. One of the main reasons behind this is not having a proper gaming setup and gaming gadgets play leading role here. 

Now, if you have decided to make some purchases to level up your gaming, then knowing about the top ten gaming accessories can help you complete all your missions in games. 

In this article, we are discussing some of the best gaming gadgets, from comfortable controllers to top-notch headphones that will enable even the beginner player to play uninterrupted! So, let’s get started for the ultimate gaming experience with the gaming accessories featured here. 

Impressive Gaming Gadgets to Boost Your Gaming 

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Gaming gear sets the root for exceptional gaming experience. Whether it is a keyboard, headphones or Gamepad, each contributes significantly to taking your gaming experience to the next level. Here are the top must-have gaming gadgets for each gamer looking to stand ahead of gaming:

Gear up for ultimate racing realism with the Logitech G Driving Force Shifter. This premium accessory pairs perfectly with Logitech’s racing wheels, bringing a fluid 6-speed manual transmission to your gaming setup. 

The solid steel shaft with leather-wrapped knob delivers an authentic, high-performance feel. While providing an immersive experience, the clicking gears may get noisy over time. But racers will love the seamless control and quality construction of this best gaming gadget upgrade.

Pricing: It is priced at ₹5,999!

Elevate your PC gaming experience with the Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad. This sleek controller connects via 2.4GHz wireless tech, providing a 10-metre range for hassle-free gameplay. The integrated dual-intensity motor delivers realistic force feedback vibrations. 

Though the rechargeable battery lasts only 2 hours, it’s convenient being wireless. The gamepad may need an occasional reset if the keys get unresponsive. But at this affordable price, it’s one of the best gaming gadgets for wireless PC gaming.

Pricing: ₹1,599.

Transform your smartphone into a portable gaming beast with the GameSir X2 Bluetooth Controller! Compatible with Android and iOS, it offers wireless freedom for incredible mobile gaming. Its 500mAh battery provides lengthy play sessions. 

While convenient, the expandable grip, accommodating phones up to 173mm, may feel bulky. However, the responsive buttons, analogue sticks, and system compatibility make the GameSir X2 one of the best gaming gadgets for cloud and mobile gaming.

Pricing: ₹7,705

Ant Esports Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Supports your wrists during long gaming sessions, reducing strain and fatigue. The soft faux leather surface with memory foam offers a cushy, comfortable resting spot. At 8° tilt and 20mm thickness, it maintains a natural hand position while typing or gaming. 

The non-slip rubber base prevents sliding or movement. While a tad barebones in design, the lightweight pad excels at wrist comfort. It’s a budget-friendly yet high-quality gaming accessory every gamer needs.

Pricing: ₹500

This wired membrane keyboard from Redragon offers full RGB backlighting with 13 preset and customizable effects. The dedicated media keys provide convenient control. But the star attraction is the 6 onboard macro keys, which let you program complex commands on the fly. The anti-ghosting ensures every keypress registers accurately. 

The included magnetic wrist rest promotes ergonomic comfort during extended sessions. While not mechanical, the reliable keys are tested to last over 100 million keystrokes. 

For under ₹2,000, the Shiva K512 delivers outstanding value as one of the best gaming keyboards around.

Pricing: ₹500

Immerse yourself in epic gaming audio with the Kreo Beluga Headphones. These over-ear headphones pack powerful 50mm drivers, delivering rich, clear sound to bring every explosion and soundtrack to life. The flip-to-mute ANC mic ensures crystal-clear voice chat. Cooling gel earpads and adjustable aluminium bands provide day-long comfort. 

Because it is wired, the braided 3.5mm cable and signature lighting are nice touches. The sound quality is impressive, but the build feels plasticky at times. Nevertheless, the Beluga headphones are worth the price, making them an excellent, affordable gaming accessory for budget-conscious gamers seeking an immersive audio experience.

Pricing: ₹2,648.94

Elevate your gaming setup with the no-frills HP M160 Gaming Mouse. This affordable wired optical mouse gets the basics right with precise 1000/1600 DPI tracking on any surface. The ambidextrous 3-button design with a scroll wheel offers simple, responsive controls. The plug-and-use USB connectivity ensures instant usage without software hassles. 

HP claims a 3 million-click lifespan, so you shouldn’t worry about its durability. However, the essential build quality and lack of customization may disappoint hardcore gamers. For casual users seeking a reliable, budget-friendly gaming mouse, the lightweight, compact HP M160 is one of the cheapest gaming gadgets out there.

Pricing: ₹319

While the sound quality is decent with ENx audio, audiophiles may want richer bass. The quad-mic setup enables clear voice chat though. The build feels plasticky but gets the job done. At under ₹1000, the boAt Immortal 121 is an affordable pick for mobile gamers seeking a fun, low-latency wireless audio experience.

Pricing: ₹999

Level up your gaming skills with the Kreo WASP Trigger. This tiny accessory attaches to your phone, adding 4 responsive capacitive buttons for games like Call Of Duty and BGMI. The unique design with adjustable grips fits most phones, even with cases on. No battery is required to use it because of the touch-capacitive technology.

The fast response time minimises input lag for quicker reflexes. Kreo even includes free finger sleeves to optimise grip and control. After practising it for a week, the WASP triggers undoubtedly provide a competitive edge over traditional on-screen controls. Upgrade to this affordable yet performance-boosting gaming gadget now!

Pricing: ₹699

Temperatures nowadays are crossing 50°C, so keeping your smartphone cool during intense gaming or live streaming sessions is most important. Here, the Cubonic SL-16 Mobile Cooler for ₹1,399 comes in use as this unique cooling pad uses semiconductor refrigeration technology instead of just fans for superior active cooling. 

The telescopic clamp securely holds most phones, while the silent fans dissipate heat from all sides. A handy LED display shows the temperature. Depending on your needs, you can choose between two-speed settings. 

Though requiring a power source limits portability, the SL-16 actively prevents throttling and overheating issues. For serious mobile gamers and content creators, this efficient cooling gadget is a worthy investment.


There you have it, gamers! We covered some of the best gaming gadgets that can seriously enhance your skills and enjoyment. From powerful controllers and mice to immersive headsets and cooling fans, these accessories provide a competitive edge. 

While investing in high-quality gear requires some money, the improved performance and fun factor make it worthwhile. So treat yourself to these top gaming gadgets suited to your needs and budget. Whether casual or hardcore, these best gaming accessories will transform your battles. Game on!

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