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What are your plans for your website? Do you want to make your current WordPress website more functional? Well! Make sure to follow the best SEO Practices and Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin can boost your SEO efforts with suggestions and tips. With this WordPress SEO Plugin, you can come up with SEO friendly contents and grabs ranking.

It’s no secret that a website is worthless without SEO. However, optimizing a website that contains thousands of words requires a lot of work, so website owners typically hire freelancers or SEO experts. 

With RankMath SEO plugin, you can end your hassle to spend overflow of money on marketing. Using RankMath WordPress SEO Plugin, you can automate tons of manual work and editing, making the whole process much easier and faster. 

Let’s explore more about it!

What is RankMath SEO?

One of the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools, RankMath SEO, provides reliable and efficient SEO solutions. Most users want their sites to appear in search results, but getting there depends on a bunch of factors.

The RankMath SEO tool provides its users with various features and options that enable them to rank a website effectively and efficiently. Also, this best WordPress SEO plugin 2023 allows you to perform everything from keyword research to sitemap creation in just a few clicks.

RankMath SEO Plugin Features

The features of this best WordPress SEO plugin 2023 includes are beyond the imagination of any website owner. You can’t go wrong with it, and it’s one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

Here’s what RankMath SEO has to offer.

A User-Friendly Interface

RankMath SEO has an intuitive user interface that is easy to operate. Even beginners unfamiliar with search engine optimization can optimize their web pages with the software without difficulties.


This is one appealing feature of the best WordPress SEO plugin 2023 that lets you preview how your post will appear when it is shared on social media platforms. Using the tool, you can get how your post or website will appear in search engine results.

Analytical Integration

Using this tool, website owners can keep track of the statistics of their pages.

Rank Tracker

As you know, many websites compete with one another in the business world, and it can be daunting to make your site stand out. However, this plugin’s tracker will let you see how your post compares to your competitors.

XML Sitemap

Implementing site maps is most beneficial, so search engines can better understand your content. You can also customize the site maps with the best WordPress SEO plugin 2023 if you wish.

News-Site Map

The plugin provides the option of creating a news site map that lets you submit your news to Google News. 

Video Site Map

The plugin also supports video site maps for video websites. You can get your videos to rank higher with elevating clicks and views with just a few solitary taps.


Choosing the right keywords and applying them in the right amounts at the right places is quite challenging for optimizing websites. The RankMath SEO plugin simplifies this process by examining your content and suggesting accurate keywords for high conversion. 

Content AI

Content AI gives you direction on what to write and what to avoid when generating good content.

Schema Generator

Using this best WordPress SEO plugin 2023 lets search engines know your website has some extra information about it. Schema mark-up can also be imported from other websites or through your website’s URL. It supports an extensive range of schemas that all contribute to increasing your website’s search engine ranking.

Local SEO Support

Gaining more traffic is possible with this feature.

WooCommerce Websites

WooCommerce websites can also be integrated with the plugin.

  • Position History: The performance tracking feature is especially useful if you want to track the performance of your website over time. You can track it over weeks or even months.
  • Google trends tool: The integration with google trends enables you to compare the trending keywords to make your website shine.
  • SEO overview: By using this feature, you can identify the ranking of your work according to SEO.

RankMath Free Versus Premium

RankMath SEO plugin is available in free and paid versions, making it the best free SEO plugin for WordPress. The paid version contains more sophisticated features that a free version does not provide.

Let’s find out how the free and premium versions differ.

Free Version

  • This program analyzes multiple keywords for your content so you can optimize it.
  • There’s a way to customize XML sitemaps.
  • The free version of the application lets you control different schemas.
  • It’s easy to change SEO titles and descriptions.
  • An ability to integrate social media.
  • Google Analytics lets you see how many people are visiting your site.
  • WooCommerce SEO is essential for WooCommerce sites.
  • A breadcrumb navigation system has been added to the website.
  • There is a local and image SEO component.
  • You’ll get a sitemap automatically.
  • Sitemaps are submitted automatically.

Premium Version

  • It lets you submit content to Google News so you can get ranked in Google News.
  • Sitemaps for video websites are supported in the version.
  • You can get advanced SEO features for WooCommerce.
  • Watermarks are automatically applied to images on social networks.
  • Track your keyword ranking over the past 12 months to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • There’s a Google Trends integration, too.
  • Multiple websites do local search engine optimization.

Why Should You Consider RankMath?

RankMath SEO has many advantages, making it one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

Let’s have a glimpse of them.

  • Speed: The SEO plugin has no loading delays, so it’s extremely convenient to use. It’s a reliable SEO plugin, so you can save time and get great results.
  • Easy configuration: The software is easy to install and easy to use. You can complete all your tasks in a few clicks.
  • Unlimited keywords: The plugin allows you to optimize unlimited keywords at once.
  • Keyword suggestion: You get automatic keyword suggestions from the software, so you can rank faster.

How Is RankMath Pro Compared to Its Competitors?

The RankMath SEO is among the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools. It does a lot more than optimize your on-page SEO. It has enticing features like keyword tracking and many more that make it convenient to rank your website. The plugin has its focus even on off-page SEO factors to generate traffic to your site.

Free versions of this best WordPress SEO plugin 2023 have more options than a website user could ever need or desire. This characteristic makes the free version a good choice for most people. The professional versions are well worth the cost.

This program is perfect for managing multiple sites at the same time. Like other plugins, this package includes everything you need without requiring you to add more tools. RankMath’s SEO plugin boasts all these features and will surely rank higher than its competitors.

How to Set Up and Configure RankMath?

Here, we will see how we can configure and set up the RankMath website. Before we do that, we need to install RankMath. 

The installation of the plugin involves the following steps:

  • Start by logging into your WordPress account.
  • Add a new plugin from the plugins menu.
  • You can search for the RankMath SEO plugin and select it.
  • After installation and activation, run it.

Next, we will see how to configure the best WordPress SEO plugin 2023.

  • You need to create an account with RankMath at RankMath.com before you can use the plugin.
  • Your account will receive an email that contains the login credentials for RankMath after you have completed the registration process.
  • The succeeding process involves linking your WordPress site with RankMath.
  • Use the Connect your account button on the RankMath configuration in your WordPress website to link both accounts.
  • Then three options of configuration will be visible. They are easy, advanced, and custom modes, and you must select among the three.
  • After selecting the configuration, you must choose the website.
  • Selecting a logo and a social share image follows.
  • The next step is to integrate Google Search Console. This can be done by clicking on the Settings button in RankMath and selecting the Google Search Console option.
  • RankMath will then ask you for an authorization code, which you should paste into the search console settings after receiving it.
  • Once that’s done, you have to configure the XML site maps. The plugin has built-in functionality for sitemaps, but you can additionally enable sitemap images.
  • Once this is done, you will need to configure the SEO tweaks.

It’s worth exploring RankMath (best WordPress SEO plugin 2023) basic configuration to find out what else you can do.

How to Use RankMath for SEO?

  • Once you have installed the SEO plugin, the next step is to analyze the SEO performance of your site. 
  • You can do this by clicking on RankMath in the left pane.
  • Then select SEO analysis followed by the Star site-wide analysis button.
  • The results will be visible in the form of graphical representations.

A score is visible at the top of the WordPress editor. When you click on it, it gives analysis for the post with multiple tips on improving SEO.

RankMath Versus Other Plugins

Many features are included in the free version of RankMath that other plugins typically do not offer. This is why it’s considered the best free SEO plugin for WordPress. The plugin is also very reasonably priced.

Some of its coolest features include keyword tracking and integration. Since the options are so extensive, you do not need extra software to use them. All in all, RankMath SEO is one of the most effective WordPress SEO plugins and tools available.


What is the purpose of the RankMath plugin?

The RankMath plugin optimizes websites faster than traditional SEO methods. Users can rank their websites effortlessly without spending money or exerting effort. The tool allows them to generate search engine traffic by ensuring that their websites appear on search engine results pages.

Is RankMath a free SEO Plugin?

Yes, the Free version of RankMath is available with exclusive features needed to optimize your website, and it is the best WordPress SEO plugin 2023

What are the premium packages available in RankMath SEO plugin?

In total, the RankMath SEO plugin has three packages.

Pro – This package is perfect for Solopreneurs, bloggers, and individuals.

Business – This package targets business owners, freelancers, and agency owners.

Agency – Designed for agency owners.

How much does a RankMath SEO plugin cost?

The pro version of the plugin costs 59 dollars per year, the business costs 199 dollars per year, and the agency costs 499 dollars per year.

What is RankMath score?

The RankMath score represents how optimized your post is. The green color of your score depicts that everything is okay with your score and your post is ready to publish. The score appears in yellow if it is between 50 to 70. 

Final thoughts!

In terms of the best WordPress SEO plugin and tools, RankMath is a great option. SEO is meant to help webmasters get more traffic to their sites. You can only get your content on search engine results pages by optimizing it.

This SEO plugin gives you all the features you need in just a matter of minutes. It has an easy-to-use interface and automatic configuration, so you can start immediately.

The pro version has more features, but it’s one of the best WordPress SEO plugin 2023. In case you’re looking for the best email marketing software, check out our other post.

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