best wordpress security plugin in 2023

Sucuri – The Best WordPress Security Plugin in 2023

As cybercrime is on the rise in today’s world, the responsibility of a website owner goes beyond just creating a high-quality website. The trick is to protect it from hackers and other security threats. This is where turning towards Sucuri WordPress plugin in 2023 is important to prevent security issues in the first place.

WordPress users use Sucuri WordPress plugin to keep their websites safe from brute force attacks, maintain confidentiality, and get notified in case of security threats. You will need security plugins if your site has a high traffic volume. 

In this article, we have discussed the best website security plugin, Sucuri. This plugin includes every feature to keep your website secure and private.

Sucuri Plugin: What Is It?

Sucuri is one of the best among various WordPress security plugins. The security of WordPress sites is constantly under threat, and WordPress users worry about their data being stolen, their confidential business information being disclosed, their content being deleted, malware being distributed to visitors and many other issues.

An estimated 13,000 websites are hacked daily, of which 43% are WordPress websites. The Sucuri security plugin offers complete website security from all security threats.

The best WordPress security plugin in 2023 offers a cloud-based web application firewall with a website scanner, email alerts, malware scanning to scan the website for malware, core integrity check, and post-hack features that help protect the websites. The core version of the plugin is free, and the paid versions are available in different packages.

Moreover, it has a cloud-based web application firewall, website scanner, email alerts, malware scanning, core integrity checks, and post-hack features that protect websites. Along with a free version, the plugin also offers a variety of paid packages.

Features of the Sucuri plugin 

Several features are built into the best website security plugin for WordPress so you can secure your website the right way.

Here are a few of them. 

Anti-malware scanning

Hackers infect websites with malware through plugins, drive-by downloads, and numerous other methods. Thus, it is necessary to save the site from such software. A malware scanner is included in the security plugin that scans websites for malware, and this best WordPress security plugin in 2023 is also capable of restoring hacked websites.

DDoS protection

Hackers use Distributed Denial of Service attacks to disable website owners’ access to their websites and sometimes demand ransom payments. Doing so generates malicious traffic that causes the website to stall. This type of traffic can be detected and prevented by Sucuri, and any DDoS attack can be blocked.

Sucuri CDN

Content delivery networks play a crucial role in speeding up the delivery of the website’s contents. The Sucuri WordPress plugin offers a free CDN that enhances the speed and performance of the website by as much as 70%.

SSL certificate

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is required to protect the data on our website. Verifying the ownership of a website is of utmost importance. A free SSL certificate is offered with the Sucuri plugin, resulting in users spending long hours on your website. Moreover, it ensures that your website remains safe from hackers.

The Blacklist monitoring

The amazing feature in this best WordPress security plugin in 2023 is to check if your site is in the block for any security reasons.

Security hardening

The plugin contains a feature that removes known vulnerabilities.

Anti-brute force protection

Hackers use brute force attacks to gain access to login credentials, encryption keys, and secret passwords. If this occurs, the hackers will take over your website, ruining your entire business and your reputation within seconds. This best WordPress security plugin in 2023 protects your software from brute force attacks by combining methods such as two-factor authentication (FFA), Captcha, and limiting login attempts.

Post-Hack security options

There are times when things do not go according to plan. As a precautionary measure, Sucuri (best WordPress security plugin in 2023) provides you with guidelines if anything undesirable happens to your website.


Sucuri offers daily, weekly, or monthly backups. There is an option in this best WordPress security plugin in 2023 for viewing backups on the dashboard, and it provides FTP and SFTP backup services. No system can function without backups in case of system failure or data loss.

Customer support

There is a 24/7 support system available for customers of the plugin. You can contact our outstanding team of experts whenever you have questions about the security of your website. Email, chat, or even live chat are all ways to reach out to the support team.

Sucuri Plugin Pricing

It is free to install the Sucuri plugin for WordPress users. However, there are paid versions of the plugin available with more advanced features. And a 30-day refund guarantee is included with all plans in this best WordPress security plugin in 2023.

  • Basic – A year’s subscription costs 199.99 dollars, and it allows scanning every 12 hours. Moreover, you are provided with an encrypted SSL certificate as part of the package in this one of the best WordPress security plugin in 2023.
  • Pro – You will be able to scan for viruses every six hours with this package, which costs 299.99 dollars a year. You will also receive a custom SSL certificate when you purchase this package.
  • Business – This is the most expensive plan and the fastest response. The package costs 499.99 dollars per year and allows scanning every four hours. It also offers instant chat customer service, advanced DDoS protection, and blacklist notifications.

Sucuri Plugin: Advantages and Disadvantages 

The following are some advantages and disadvantages of the Sucuri plugin. 


  • The core version of the application is free and offers many features, such as monitoring and protecting websites. 
  • A very efficient support system is available.
  • A firewall is available for a monthly fee of ten dollars. It is easy to install and use. 


  • Some paid versions have a high price tag. 
  • The WAF feature is only available in the paid versions. 
  • The number of functions it offers is limited. 

Sucuri Plugin Free vs. Premium Versions

The Sucuri WordPress security plugin is available in both a free and a paid version. The free version protects against hackers and acts as a decent website scanner. It also provides options to harden the security of your website, conduct overtime scanning, provide protection, and monitor the website.

However, the main disadvantage of the free plan of this website security plugin is that it does not include a Web Application Firewall (WAF). The Web Application Firewall allows you to block HTTP traffic from a web service. This is an incredibly valuable feature that Sucuri’s free users will lose. And obtaining access to it requires upgrading to the paid version.

Basic plans do not include SSL certificate support or malware and hack clean-up features. Professional and Business plans do. Each package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in this WordPress security plugin. These packages include limitless malware removal, protection from hacks and attacks, and the removal of Blacklists.

Configuring the Sucuri Plugin

If you want to use the best WordPress security plugin in 2023, you must first install Sucuri. The steps below will guide you through the installation process.

  • Start by selecting your WordPress dashboard and the repository plugins > Add new.
  • Type Sucuri into the search box.
  • The next step is to click on the title Sucuri Security-Auditing, Malware Scanner, and Security Hardening.You will then be prompted to install and activate the software.
  • Once the process is complete, you can access all the plugin’s features from the WordPress dashboard’s right-hand menu.

As a next step, you will need to generate an API key, which allows WordPress to connect to the server.

Generate an API key by following the steps below.

  • Start by opening your WordPress website and clicking on the Sucuri plugin.
  • Your screen will display a Generate API key option in the upper right corner, which you need to click.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to your email address shortly after submission.

You can scan your website for malware by visiting Sucuri Security, clicking Malware Scan, and clicking Scan Website.

Navigate to Sucuri Security and select the Hardening option for security hardening. You will find several other possibilities to enhance website security, which you may enable according to your needs.

What Makes Sucuri a Good Choice?

WordPress is the most commonly used CMS and is vulnerable to various security threats. Sucuri is a best WordPress security plugin in 2023.

The free version of the plugin helps in protecting your website from hackers. It offers website scanning, website monitoring, remote malware scanning, security hardening, post-hack security actions, and security notifications. 

The Website firewall present in the paid versions strengthens the security of your website. Also, the WAF is available for 10 dollars per month. The paid versions come with additional options and are worth the money. Sucuri also has a trustworthy and helpful customer support system. 

Thus, the Sucuri plugin is undoubtedly the best choice among the various WordPress security plugins.

Comparing the Sucuri Plugin Pro with Its Competitors

Sucuri is a reliable plugin that has more than 5 lakh active installations. The plugin scans WordPress for malware and provides several options for protecting the website, including core integrity checks, website auditing, and other features. Competitors like WordFence and iThemes do not provide post-hack actions, security hardening, or blocklist monitoring.

In Sucuri’s premium versions, features such as brute force protection, DDoS mitigation, and malware removal are available. When using WordFence or iThemes, you are not required to upgrade to a premium version to get brute force protection.

The free version of WordFence does not include DDoS mitigation, whereas the paid version of iThemes does. However, malware removal is unavailable in the free version of iThemes but the paid version of WordFence. Sucuri has a WordPress compatibility of 3.6 or higher.

Compared to its competitors, Sucuri is the best WordPress security plugin in 2023 and offers almost all the ideal features for protecting a WordPress website, and it is the only security plugin offering a DNS-level firewall.


What is a Sucuri plugin?

The Sucuri plugin is a security plugin that offers complete website security from brute force attacks and notifies the user regarding any security threats to their website. It protects your account from criminals hacking Websites.

Does Sucuri make your website faster?

Yes, Sucuri comes with a free content delivery network that speeds up your website up to 70%.

What is the price of the Sucuri plugin?

The Sucuri plugin has three paid plans with a 30 days return policy.

  • Basic – This package costs 199.99 dollars for a year, which allows scanning every 12 hours.
  • Pro – This package costs 299.99 dollars for a year, and it enables scanning for every 6 hours.
  • Business – This package costs 499.99 dollars per year, and it offers scanning for every 4 hours.

Which is better Sucuri or Wordfence?

Wordfence offers security for your website, but Sucuri comes with more features like malware clean up and website monitoring for any content management system software.

Are refunds available in Sucuri?

Yes, All the paid versions come with a 30 days return policy in this best WordPress security plugin in 2023. A refund is available if the attempt to clean the site is on the first malware removal request.

What is a website firewall?

A website firewall is a protection system that helps detect and filter malicious activity between the website visitor and the server housing the website to protect it from hackers. 

Final thoughts!

Protecting our WordPress sites is a challenge, and Sucuri is a best WordPress security plugin in 2023 that fulfils this requirement.

 It has a lot of options available and an excellent support team. It is available free of cost to all WordPress users and paid versions to come with more options and features. The price of the plugin is also pocket-friendly for everyone.

The Sucuri WordPress plugin turns out to be the best WordPress security plugin for WordPress that one can install.

As a WordPress user, Sucuri is a must-install security plugin to assure the safety of your website. If you are in hunt of a best WordPress SEO plugin, you can check out this post.

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