Digital marketing service is great tactic for small to larger enterprises to enhance business growth and drive traffic to your website.

List Of Companies That Benefit From Digital Marketing Services In 2024

We are in 2024 now, and to ensure the business’ success online, it is essential to have a good presence on the internet. When it comes to driving digital presence for businesses, turning to digital marketing services is important in helping businesses get their brand in front of customers. 

Digital marketing services implement the best strategies, such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and more, to gain quality leads. 

From retail businesses to manufacturers, there is a long list of companies that continue to reap the benefits of choosing digital marketing services and gaining significant traffic to their websites.  According to reports, digital marketing important is increase globally with it’s value is expected to cross $1000 by 2032.

Here, we will cover the list of top companies from top sectors benefiting significantly from Digital marketing services. 

Examples of Companies getting most of digital marketing services

Digital marketing service shape growth for businesses across the globe and gains you an upper hand in reaching the potential customers.

Digital marketing services offer many benefits for a wide range of businesses, including gaining a competitive edge. Here is a list of the best companies that gain an edge with digital marketing. 

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E-commerce Startup: Pepperfry

Pepperfry is one of the most successful online furniture retailers in India. This startup company is an excellent example of how businesses in the e-commerce space can benefit from digital marketing services to grow sustainably. The key strategies implemented by Peperfry are as follows: 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Pepperfry spends a lot of money on SEO to rank high on search engine results pages for furniture-related keywords. Therefore, the retailer creates organic traffic to its website, attracting potential consumers. In particular, Peperfry manages to do this by making proper product descriptions and titles, website content with such keywords and ordered backlink building.
  • Targeted Social Media Marketing: Pepperfry utilizes social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to show its furniture collections, run targeted ad campaigns, and engage with potential customers. They create visually appealing content featuring their products in various impressive home settings, inspiring design ideas, and promoting ongoing sales or discount offers. This strategy not only increases brand awareness but also drives targeted traffic to their website for product purchases.
  • Data-Driven Personalization: Pepperfry uses customer data to personalize the shopping experience. They track random user behavior and preferences to recommend relevant products, showcase personalized offers, and create email marketing campaigns. This data-driven approach boosts customer engagement and increases sales.

Impact of Digital Marketing Strategies on Pepperfry

By implementing these digital marketing strategies, Pepperfry has achieved significant success. Their strong SEO presence ensures high website traffic, while targeted social media campaigns drive user engagement and brand loyalty. Correct marketing efforts further boost the customer experience, increasing sales and overall business acceptance.

Traditional Jewellery Retailer: Tanishq

Tanishq is a famous name in India known for beautiful jewelry, it shows how traditional jewelry stores can benefit from hiring digital marketing companies to broaden their reach and connect with new customer segments. Their strategy cluelessly fills the gap between physical and online shopping, making it easier for customers.

  • Influencer Marketing: Tanishq used influencer marketing to partner with popular celebrities and social media personalities to showcase their jewelry collections. These partnerships helped people discover their jewelry, especially younger customers who follow these online personalities.
  • Engaging Social Media Presence: Tanishq improved its presence across platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Their channels feature high-quality product visuals, informative content about gemstones and jewelry care, and glimpses behind the scenes of their design process that offer high value. This content strategy keeps the brand relevant, boosts customer engagement, and allows direct interaction with potential buyers.
  • Seamless Online-Offline Integration: Tanishq focuses on both its online and offline presence. Their friendly website allows customers to browse collections, check product availability at nearby stores, and even schedule appointments for in-store consultations. This approach empowers customers with convenient online research while maintaining the personal service offered at physical stores.

Educational Institution: Amity University

The education sector in India is witnessing a digital revolution, with universities like Amity University. This leading University is taking help from the digital marketing industry to attract more students in a competitive landscape. Their strategy focuses on creating high-quality content that informs potential students about their academic offerings and campus life.

  • Content Marketing: Amity University supports content marketing initiatives to establish itself as a thought leader in education. They create informative blog posts and videos covering diverse topics such as:
  • Academic programs: Vast information about various programs offered, including curriculum, faculty expertise, and career opportunities.
  • Campus life: Engaging content showcasing student activities, facilities, and the overall university environment.
  • Expert insights: Videos showing faculty members discussing trends in their respective fields, adding explanations, and showcasing the university’s academic strengths.
  • Targeted Social Media Advertising: Amity University uses social media platforms to reach specific students. They run targeted ad campaigns based on location, academic interests, and desired field of study. These targeted ads showcase relevant programs and highlight the benefits of studying at Amity University.
  • Interactive Online Platforms: The university maintains a user-friendly website with detailed information about admissions, scholarships, and student life. Additionally, they are active on social media platforms, facilitating a two-way communication channel with potential students. 

Local Service Provider: Urban Clap

Urban Clap, a well-known mobile application in India, connects customers with a vast network of local service providers for various daily needs. Their success hinges on a hyper-local digital marketing strategy that ensures high visibility within interested service areas.

  • Location-Based SEO: Urban Clap optimizes its app store listing and website content with local keywords. This ensures their services appear at the top of search results when users in a particular area search for, for example, “plumbers near me” or “electricians in Noida.”
  • Targeted Social Media Marketing: They leverage social media platforms with location-based targeting to showcase their services and build trust within specific neighborhoods. Their social media strategy involves:
  • Community Engagement: Replying to comments and suggestions on local social media groups.
  • Targeted Ads: Running social media ad campaigns focused on specific neighborhoods and highlighting services relevant to local needs. For example, promoting deep cleaning services during peak festival seasons.

By implementing these localized digital marketing tactics, Urban Clap ensures residents discover their services and builds brand recognition within specific communities.


These four examples showcase the ability of online marketing services and their benefits to businesses across various industries. Whether you’re a new e-commerce platform, a successful retailer, or a local service provider, a neatly crafted digital marketing strategy can be the key to unlocking brand unawareness, customer engagement, and, ultimately, business growth in the digital age.

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