The Worst Enemy Of Youngsters! DEPRESSION

Depression – We know every youngster gets scared when listens to the word Depression. Isn’t it? Everyone has a bad phase during their teenage time. And, this is the phase in which you can’t recover quickly.

You feel the need for someone who can support you, and care for you like a small kid. As, in this phase everyone behaves like a child. And you feel like no one is there for you. Remember life is a race where every person is a player, some loose or some wins.

Some have the support of family and friends. In contrast, some don’t have any support. If you are same situation, either you find yourself lonely and considers yourself in Depression.

But dear, it’s not depression, it’s only your loneliness that makes you needy of someone. And, if you are still wondering of this term. A duo of HimSim is here to help you in understanding the better meaning of Depression.

In today’s era, people consider their little pressure on the mind as Depression. But want to ask one question from today’s generation, what is Depression? It’s not a tattle thing. Depression accompanies one of the severe mental illnesses that destroy the person mentally, and affects a person’s whole life. 

Sometimes, a situation happens when a person cannot open up with their near and dear ones; they try to hurt themselves from within; they are broken and feel lost in emotions or sometimes out of the senses.

They also want answers from them what the hell is going on or why I’m feeling like this. The flood of emotions runs, which overwhelm every thought and intuition. So it’s just next to impossible for them to tell their problem and feelings.

A hyper rollercoaster of mood swings is always there inside them. And you can imagine what a rollercoaster rider feels like. 

So, now you are aware of Depression. The other thing we are covering in this blog is What youngsters feel during their Depression stage. 

What do youngsters feel when they are in Depression stage?

Continuous Mood Swings

The first thing you might face in Depression is mood swings. Normal mood swings are a little different than depression mood swings. Normal mood swings don’t force you to stay away from your beloved ones and that lasts only for 5 to 10 minutes.

While a Depression mood swing remain for a long time. And, this mood swing force you to stay away from your beloved ones, and prefer to be in your own company. 

Fear of Judgement

Yes, people do pass judgment on one another, whether you acknowledge or not, shows or not, and this problem causes you not to be open up in front of others. Because you don’t want that people came to know about your inner hustle that is running inside you and look at you with the eyes of sympathy and pity.

This is another problem a person faces in the Depression. During this situation, a person always fears being judged by others. You cannot share your feelings with anyone. No matter a family member, mom, dad, or friends.

Judgment is the primary reason in the Depression because of which we cant come out of the Depression. And the only thing that runs in our mind is “AKHIR LOG KARTE HI KYU HAI JUDGE?”

Judging and making fun of someone is normal for some people, but the person who is facing Depression only knows the pain behind this. This situation can break people with depression mentally.

Health Issues

Apart from mental illness, it also affects your health. Now, if you are wondering that it is a mental disorder, how can it affect our health? Obviously, when you are mentally involved, you will not be able to make your mind about eating something or you can say the loss of interest.


If you are not mentally fit, it will automatically harm your physical health.

When we talk about the suffering of it. Its nothing in front of the points mentioned above that a person faces during the phase of Depression.

In a nutshell, it’s the worst enemy of youngsters. Okay! So, now the question is how to avoid overthinking, and how do we cope up with Depression?

Let’s read further about the cureness of Depression.

How to cure Depression?

1. You should avoid the company of negative people.

2. You have to rebuild your confidence.

3. You can take the help of Asanas that help you in relieving the stress.

4. You have to enjoy your own company without depending on anyone. 

5. You need to indulge yourself in some of the other activities.

And, if you are not able to come out of this problem or If you want to cure of this problem within 15 days, you can contact us through our mail

NOTE FOR ALL: If any of your beloved ones is suffering from such an issue, then it’s your responsibility to understand that person like a best friend. Don’t leave the sufferer alone. Enjoy their company and try to make them feel special. That’s how you help him/her to come out of the immense sufferings 

In the end, we will say, life is a race, and everyone wants to Winner, no one wants to be a loser.


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