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Fake Friends

Choose your friends wisely or regret later

Hi folks! we are back with an amazing topic, particularly for youth. As we have observed youngsters are unable to find the difference between their good friends or the bad friends. So, don’t worry, Him and Sim are here to guide you. We are here with a portion of the tips on how to choose your friends wisely. Alright! As you guys very well aware of the meaning of Friendship as it is one of the purest relations in the World. But, many of the people around you who will be good at your face and will backstab behind your back. Isn’t it disgusting? But, sometimes we are not able to recognize who is our well-wisher and who pretend to be our well-wisher.

As we are listening to this axiom from Childhood that “A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND IN DEED“. Is it so?? Come on, we are living in an era where people enjoy more of your downfall instead of our happiness. There are only a few people in life who really know the true meaning of friendship and the value too. You can take the example of school life, that is our first stage. In School life, we meet a ton of new individuals and make new friends. This school life is a sort of teaching for us that gives us a good lesson.

Some friends stay by you or some leave you. When we move forward to college life, this is the stage of life that comes before the struggling stage and we meet a lot of people. Some of the people we meet either make your life or destroys your life. Though, a college life is smaller than a school life yet in this, we meet some of the youngsters that make you habitual of the bad things or attempts to demolish your life, and this is that crucial stage of life that shows you the true colors of all.

Slowly Slowly, we come to the struggling phase of life and we lose a lot of friends just because at this stage, we get to know the double faces of all and sometimes we get betrayed by our fellow friends.

It isn’t important that whosoever is your close friend now will be your close friend for entire life or your well-wisher. Agree? It might be a case when your friend claims to be your well-wisher. However, we meet a few friends who come to your life and give it a new meaning yet, they are those 99% of 100%. People say, without friends life is incomplete, and if you say we have lots of friends, yet imagine a scenario where they are Snake. Here, maturity is not your increasing number of friends, but, the maturity is to make that one friend who always remains by your side and when the time comes, will fight for the whole world for you.

Now, if you are thinking, we have shared every situation but, didn’t let you know of identifying who is real or who is Snake. So, we won’t put you in Suspense. Let the Him & Sim to guide you.

  • BAD HABIT – A fake friend will always force you to consume bad things like Alchohol, Drugs, and so on. But, on the contrary, a real friend will never force you to adapt to bad things, and never show you the wrong path. (Though, some of the real friends too consume such things but, the thing is they’ll never force you to consume such.)
  • WILL ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS – Fake friends will always pretend to be happy for your success, but they’ll backstab behind your back and their behavior towards you will automatically change. While, a real friend will enjoy your success, no matter it’s a small one or a big one. (This thing you can identify by observing your friends changing behavior)
  • WILL ALWAYS STAND – A real friend will always be your side and a fake friend will pretend to be your side.
  • WILL NEVER LET YOUR DOWN – We sometimes, come to a phase, where we feel the need for a true friend who do support us. The real friend will always support you, make you come out of the downfall, and accordingly, guide you as a Teacher. But, a fake friend will not care about your suffering, and without listening to your whole story, will just end up in between your convo. by saying hm, ok and Take care.

So Folks! We think we should end the topic now, and we hope you guys can identify your real friends now. Now, it’s up to you to choose your friends wisely, or you need to regret later, just because a friend can either make your life or destroy your life. In this modern era, every person feels the need for a friend who can understand them well, and guide them on the right path. We can understand this thing, as you guys (Youngsters) usually face tons of problems as 18 to 25 is the age when you can take your life either to the positive phase or the negative phase. BAAT KADWI HAI PAR SACH HAIā€¦ So, choose your friends wisely.

All the best for your future and if you need any kind of guidance related to your real-life sufferings like Depression, Relationship advice, Motivation. Reach to your favorite Motivational speaker HIM & SIM at


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