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Everything to Know About iPhone 15 Leaks

Nowadays, it’s hard to ignore the buzz around the latest iPhone 15 leaks. It’s no surprise that many young people are drawn to this incredible device from Apple. However, with every new device release, rumors about its design and features start to circulate. The same is happening with the upcoming iPhone 15, which is expected to hit the market in 2023. In this post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about the rumored iPhone 15 model.

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iPhone 15 Design

The iPhone 15 design will likely have a radical new look compared to its predecessors. The leaks show that the tablet will not have any physical ports, including a Lightning connector, for charging or connecting to other devices.

The upcoming model will use wireless technology instead of wired charging and data transmission. Its portless design may allow for a larger battery or other components to be incorporated into the device.

iPhone 15 Display

The iPhone 15 is rumored to have a foldable screen, which has captured the interest of many people. The smartphone will feature a foldable OLED display if the leaks are factual. The gadget can be unfolded to a screen size similar to a tablet but can be folded into a compact size that can easily fit into a pocket.

There are also rumors that the next generation of iPhones, specifically the 15 one, may have a higher refresh rate. This could improve the smoothness of the device’s scrolling and animations compared to previous models.

iPhone 15 Camera

The camera of the iPhone 15 is said to be much improved. A periscope lens, which might provide up to 10x optical zoom, has been speculated to be included in the gadget.

The prism in the periscope lens reflects light, allowing the lens to be installed in a vertical orientation. Better low-light performance and overall picture quality are also predicted thanks to a new image sensor and enhanced image processing in the iPhone 15.


The battery life of the iPhone 15 has also been significantly improved. Compared to the iPhone 13, which has a 3046 mAh battery, rumours say this gadget might feature a considerably bigger 6000 mAh battery.

The device’s battery life would improve, and it could charge it more quickly. The lack of ports on the iPhone 15 might mean that it sets only via wireless means, which could be quicker than plugging it in


The A18 processor will likely be at the heart of Apple’s next iPhone 15. Compared to the A15 processor in the iPhone 13, the A18 is expected to provide noticeable performance boosts.

As more transistors can be packed onto the A18 chip using a 3nm manufacturing process, its performance and efficiency are expected to increase.


Wireless communication is more critical than ever, with no ports on the new iPhone 15. As per the iPhone 15 rumors, it may include an enhanced bluetooth connectivity. This will enable quick data transfer and a better device to device connection. You will also observe that the iPhone 15 may come up with the improved Wi-Fi connection. This will be beneficial for both browsing as well as multitasking.

Variant Rumours

One of the most fascinating rumors is the possibility of a portless design. This means the device would rely solely on wireless charging instead of the usual Lightning connection for charging and syncing.

Although it may be unexpected, Apple’s decision to create devices that only support wireless charging is not entirely uncommon. The company has already developed products like the AirPods and Apple Watch that exclusively rely on wireless charging.

However, iPhone users would have issues if the device lacked a port. Let’s say, data transmission between the device and a computer or other device may be impeded. Because wireless charging may not always be always available or convenient, it might potentially restrict how consumers can charge their smartphones.

Although there are concerns, having a portless gadget design offers certain benefits. For example, it can increase the device’s durability and water resistance. Moreover, Apple can exercise more creative freedom when designing the product since they won’t have to worry about including a connector.

At this point, it’s still being decided whether Apple will stick with the Lightning connector for the iPhone 15 or opt for a portless design. However, if they do choose the latter, it would be a noteworthy development for the iPhone. When it comes to iPhone 15 price, it might start from Rs 77,990 as per HT.

There will be more updates and adjustments on the iPhone 15 apart from the ones previously mentioned. Here are a few examples:

Enhancements to augmented reality

Apple’s commitment to AR suggests that the this model might have enhanced AR capabilities. So, to improve the augmented reality experience, improvements in hardware and software are needed.

Additional space for storing

The iPhone 15 may have a higher storage capacity than its predecessors. For example, lower-end versions may include a 256GB or 512GB storage, while more expensive ones may go as high as 1TB.

Authentication using biometric means

There has been speculation that the iPhone 15 will support several biometric identification methods, including a built-in fingerprint sensor. Better face recognition than Apple’s present Face ID, or perhaps iris scanning, might fall under this category.

Superior sound quality

The iPhone 15 may have upgraded speakers and noise-cancelling technology. Users who want to play music or view movies on their cellphones may find this feature more enticing.

Stronger construction

The lack of ports on the iPhone 15 may make the gadget more susceptible to damage, but there are also rumours that the smartphone may be more robust than previous models. A stronger glass or frame that can survive drops and other impacts might be used.


In the end, it’s important to keep in mind that the information on the iPhone that has been leaked is based on rumors and has not been confirmed by Apple. While these leaks offer some insight, some of the mentioned features may not be included in the final product, and there could be other features that we are not yet aware of. For example, apple iPhone 15 price, iphone 15 launch date and other iPhone 15 rumours.

The upcoming iPhone 15 plus will substantially improve wireless connectivity, battery life, and camera features. There’s also buzz about a foldable display that could change how we use our smartphones, offering greater flexibility and portability.

All in all, there will be a lot of excitement and expectation for the debut of the iPhone and iPhone 15 plus since it is a new iPhone. It is unclear when the gadget will be introduced or what it will look like, but if the leaks and rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 15 will revolutionize the smartphone industry. Moreover, if you want to check out iPhone 15 pro price, then you will need to do further research.

Please note that the information presented in this article is intended for reading purposes only. We cannot assure the accuracy of the information provided.

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