SendinBlue Review 2023 – A Superior Email Marketing Tool

SendinBlue is one of the greatest email marketing tool of all time. Boosting a business’ sales with email marketing is one of the most important aspects of today’s industry.

It serves as a great way for all types of businesses to boost sales by generating traffic.

Creating engaging emails that can generate leads involves many factors and requires a lot of effort and time. However, email marketing software can help to reduce the workload and increase productivity.

Since there are a wide variety of Email marketing software on the market, it has become difficult to find effective solutions that provide email marketing in a cost-efficient manner.

SendinBlue of all options is the top email marketing software with the best tools for email marketing. It offers the best email marketing service and aids business owners in creating irresistible newsletters and landing pages to increase conversion rates and generate new leads.

The User Interface Of SendinBlue

With several features and tools, it can benefit businesses in many more ways than just email marketing.

The SendinBlue email marketing tool has a user-friendly and uncomplicated interface that can be easily operated even by newbies. The main menu is present at the top and includes automation, campaigns, transactional, and contacts.

The left pane of the interface has options for email, SMS, templates, Facebook ads, statistics, and settings. Two green buttons are for creating a new SMS or email campaign. You only have to click on any desired option as per your requirement, and the software will take you to further functionalities available that you can quickly grasp and operate.

SendinBlue Pricing

SendinBlue email marketing tool offers both a free and a premium version. A free version of the software includes the best free email marketing tools, and a premium version has more advanced tools. Customers can choose from three packages under the premium plans.

  • Lite – The package costs 25 dollars per month. This version allows users to send 100000 emails per month.
  • Premium – The cost of the package is 65 dollars per month. It allows users to send up to 1 million emails per month.
  • Enterprise – The package includes custom pricing that depends on the specified requirements and the number of emails sent.

SendinBlue doesn’t charge you for the number of contacts you have. It depends on the number of emails you sent, which means you can keep any number of contacts on your list.

SendinBlue Features: Best Email Marketing Solution

With SendinBlue, you have access to one of the top email marketing platforms and a variety of useful features.

  • Designing emails. The software enables you to create emails with valuable and attractive stuff to impress your subscribers.
  • Templates. You can design emails of your kind with the templates available to create a more professional-looking and business-like email.
  • A/B testing. The testing involves testing subject lines by sending variations to a different group of contacts. You can optimize your emails effortlessly with this testing.
  • Personalization. You can also personalize the emails to make your customers more engaged.
  • Segmentation. You can segment emails based on various categories and the traits of your contacts to make your content reach the targeted audience.
  • SMS marketing. Create an in-depth connection with the audience by marketing services with direct short message services to all the contacts. You can also send personalized messages and schedule them beforehand. The engagement statistics and real-time deliverability reporting help you keep track of your SMS campaign.
  • Chatbox. You can set up a chatbox for evolving a better understanding with the customers. You can directly chat with visitors to your page via the chatbox. Also, you can view the page your visitor is present through the chat to make things more convenient.
  • SendinBlue inbox. This helps in elevating sales by increasing the response time of emails. It attributes to a well-organized team and effortless collaboration with team members without missing out on other mails. You can also view the history of all your conversations together.
  • Marketing automation. It is a vital feature that enables you to save lots of time. You can schedule things to work automatically. Autopilot mode to run campaigns, managing lists automatically, clearing lists automatically, and many more automation options are available. The free email autoresponder allows you to send emails automatically to customers.
  • Send time optimization. The powered send time algorithm allows you to send emails at accurate timings.
  • Landing page. The landing page builder enables users to create mesmerizing landing pages to engage customers. You can choose from several templates and design your page in less time.
  • Transactional emails. You can easily send transactional emails using various setup options like API or SMTP relay. You can design your transactional emails in the most professional approach and monitor your performance with the Engagement and deliverability statistics.
  • CRM. The software includes CRM that allows centralization of all contacts in one place.
  • Customer support. You can solve any queries by contacting the customer support team through live chat, mobile phone, or email.
  • Opt-in forms. You can create sign-up forms in a few minutes using the form builder. You can instill the form anywhere on the page you want.
  • Facebook ads. You can enhance the growth of your business by promoting it by creating highlighted Facebook ads to attract new leads. You can also compare your Facebook ad campaign with other campaigns to know how you are performing.

SendinBlue Editor – Most Powerful Way To Send Out Newsletters

Creating an alluring email is a crucial step that helps attract customers. Fortunately, the SendinBlue editor is relatively simple to use. There are three basic editors, the drag and drop editor, rich text editor, and editing your template in HTML.

The drag and drop editor is an efficient tool to edit your templates and alter your designs. It makes your emails look more professional. You can perform any form of editing like copying, pasting, deleting, or inserting text or images. You can also edit your pictures with the already present image editor. The autosave option in the software helps save your designs automatically.

The preview option enables you to see how your mail looks in advance. With all these editing options and multiple templates, SendinBlue turns out to be a powerful way to send out inviting newsletters.

Mailing Lists And Segmentation

SendinBlue offers two mailing lists that you can segment. One list includes contacts of specified contacts who are regular customers or your loyal subscribers. The other list incorporates all the contact information of random visitors.

Segmentation enables users to categorize the audience based on their response and various characteristics.

The segmentation is dependent on the factors like customer interests, previous involvement, or economic traits. The feature is essential to establish stronger relationships with the target audience. It makes communication management with customers easier with the marketing automation adding to more convenience.

Key Components

SendinBlue is one of the top email marketing platforms, and some of its key features are as follows.

  • Mobile friendly – Today, most individuals view emails via mobile phones as it is more portable and easy to use. Any email marketing tool should include designing in such a way to adapt sending mails to mobile phones, and SendinBlue fits the rule.
  • Opt-in forms – The software includes opt-in forms which are customizable and dynamic.
  • Personalization– To personalize email campaigns, it is an important aspect that every email marketing software must consider. With SendinBlue, you can personalize emails to your liking with enough features.
  • Segmentation – This feature helps the emails to be segmented and sent to the right audience.

Sending And Managing Your Email Campaigns

With SendinBlue, managing your email campaigns will be less troublesome. The software has a plethora of options to ease out the process in less time. You can create enchanting emails by choosing your favorite from the available templates.

The free email autoresponder allows you to perform tasks automatically and helps you save more time. You can personalize emails, segment contacts based on their characteristics, and send emails to the target audience and random visitors accordingly.

Also, the chatbox and SMS allow you to get more engaged with your audience and hovers as an opportunity to gain the faith of your customers.

SendinBlue Versus Competitors

SendinBlue’s free plan has the best free email marketing tools and built-in options that are enough for email marketing. You can easily send 300 emails per day, which is 9000 emails every month in the free version of the software. Three hundred emails every day is a good number for any small or medium business. Also, the paid plans start from only 25 dollars only, and it allows delivery of up to 10000 emails.

The software charges depending on the number of emails sent and does not care about the contacts.

On the other hand, competitors like Mailchimp and ConvertKit charge 99 dollars and 119 dollars for 10000 emails.

Therefore, SendinBlue is unquestionably the cheapest when compared to its competitors.

SendinBlue Pros And Cons

While SendinBlue is a top email marketing software with the best email marketing service, it also has some shortcomings. Listed below are some pro and con aspects of the software.


  • SendinBlue makes email marketing easier and helps businesses rise above the competition.
  • The free version offers many useful features and options.
  • Plans with premium features are reasonably priced.
  • Email marketing is convenient and fast with marketing automation.
  • You can customize your design by choosing from 65 available templates.
  • Customers can reach out to customer care via SMS or chat when they need assistance.


  • There are limited logins in the free version, so it becomes difficult to manage a team of users.
  • It is tedious to conduct A/B tests as you will have to manually send emails.
  • Enterprise-level software automation is not suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The software can also take a while to load and slow down, according to some users.

FAQ’s – SendinBlue Review

What is SendinBlue?

SendinBlue is an email marketing platform that helps businesses in uplifting sales via various email marketing strategies.

Is SendinBlue a free software?

The free version of the software is available, and it allows the delivery of up to 300 emails per day, which is a total of 9000 emails per month free of cost. The free version also incorporates various features necessary to upgrade sales.

What is the cost of SendinBlue?

The premium plans are available in three packages.

  • Lite – The package costs 25 dollars per month. This version allows users to send 100000 emails per month.
  • Premium – The cost of the package is 65 dollars per month. It allows users to send up to 1 million emails per month.
  • Enterprise – The package includes custom pricing that depends on the specified requirements and the number of emails sent.

Is SendinBlue software trustworthy?

You can use SendinBlue to develop a business through email marketing since it has all the necessary features. There are more than 18000 users who trust and use this software, so it is an ideal option for marketing your business.

Is SendinBlue cheaper than its competitors?

SendinBlue email marketing tool offers a free version which allows 300 emails to be delivered per day; the paid plans begin at 25 dollars. However, MailChimp and CoverKit are more expensive alternatives.

Final Thoughts!

Email marketing tool a crucial role in the success of any business. SendinBlue is an email marketing tool that is easy to use, and it enables business owners to increase sales by employing email marketing methods.

You can create landing pages and newsletters in the best way possible to keep audiences engaged with your business. A number of features allow for connecting with audiences through SMS or chat boxes to build a trusting relationship between you and your clients.

A start-up company’s email marketing needs can be met with SendinBlue, and the free version of the software allows users to send up to 300 emails per day. Advanced businesses can purchase premium plans that offer unlimited email delivery at an affordable price. There are also many more features in premium packages than in the free version.

SendinBlue has the best tools for email marketing, and the free version allows users to send up to 300 emails per day which is a good number for any start-up. Advanced businesses can opt for premium plans that enable the delivery of countless emails at affordable rates. The premium packages also include more enhancing features than the free version.

The software has more than 180000 users who trust it and is available in six languages. SendinBlue, with ample essential features and marketing services, is assuredly a top email marketing software with the best email marketing service.  

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