Blue Precious Stones

What Are the Best Blue Precious Stones to Buy in 2023?

From a psychological perspective, blue is an intense color that indicates depth, stability, knowledge, power, gravity, and calmness.

It is no surprise that blue is referred to as the most popular engagement ring colors. One of the world’s most iconic Blue engagement rings (that of Princess Diana, which Kate Middleton is now wearing) boasts a large blue Ceylon sapphire in its center, one of the most valuable gems in the world.

So, we have to agree on that. There is something unique about the color blue in a gemstone. Although there are a lot of blue gems out there, choosing one that is suitable for you can be difficult. How can you decide which one to choose, and what criteria should you use to make your decision?

This article outlines the top blue gemstone list used in Jewelry.

About Blue Precious Stones 

There are times when tanzanite may come close, but even its finest specimens always have some violet tinge. In most blue precious stones, the shade of blue is lighter, such as aquamarine’s sea blue.

Zirkon and tourmaline have deeper blues, but they are seldom pure. Several blue gems, including blue topaz, are treated heavily to produce their blue hues.

Identification of Blue Gemstones

Although most blue gemstones have similar appearances, they have chemically and physically different compositions, which can help distinguish them from one another.

However, there are other ways to identify blue stones besides assessing their color.

List of Top Blue Gemstones

Dark blue with navy hues or light blue, all blue gemstones are very pleasing to the eye and look as if they came straight from the sky. It is also worth mentioning that they are versatile and can be worn casually and in formal settings. Without further delay, let’s dive into the suggestions for the best blue precious stones you should add to your Jewelry box as soon as possible.

The Blue Sapphire

There was no way we could leave this stunning precious stone off our blue semi precious stones list. The stone is one of the most popular items in the blue gemstone family, and lately, it has become a rival to diamonds when it comes to engagement rings.

The blue sapphire also has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, yet another great thing about this gemstone. This beautiful stone’s durability and scratch resistance make it a significant investment. As you flaunt your precious Jewelry this season, you’ll look fabulous whether you choose blue sapphire rings or a big sapphire necklace.

Blue Topaz

Topaz is the second most popular variety among the blue gemstones due to its color, which is lighter than other varieties. One of the exciting things about blue Topaz jewelry is that this gemstone is one of the rarest.

Due to its scarcity, blue topaz can be pretty sure compared to other types of stones. Topaz is generally colorless, but jewelry makers have treated it to give it a beautiful blue hue. If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality blue gemstone.

Blue Zircon

It is essential to remember that, unlike cubic Zirconia, a substance made from man-made materials, blue zircon is a natural semi-precious stone.

The blue gemstone is one of the most beautiful on earth, sparkling beautifully just like a diamond when viewed from a distance.

Blue zircon is a relatively soft stone with a Mohs hardness of 6 to 7.5, so it must be handled carefully. It is also interesting to note that zircon is the birthstone for December, making it one of the most brilliant blue precious stones.

Blue Garnet

You likely believed Garnet was only a red gemstone, wasn’t it? Up until 1998, Garnets were available in all colors except blue. There is no doubt that blue Garnet is one of the rarest gemstones in the world, having been discovered only in 1998.

Even though it’s rare, it’s still more expensive than diamonds. Blue Garnets remain one of the world’s most stunning blue gemstones. Moreover, it can be challenging to find, as it is generally considered a collector’s item and is not commonly used in mainstream jewelry designs.


A list of blue gemstones names would not be complete without including turquoise. This semiprecious stone stands out from others because of its dark inclusions that resemble veins. During the formation of turquoise, inclusions are arranged in a pattern called a matrix.

It is worth mentioning, however, that you need to be aware that this beautiful stone has a relatively low hardness rating (5 up to 6) based on the Mohs scale. It should be worn very carefully and should be cleaned very gently when it needs to be cleaned.

Lapis Lazuli

It is one of the fascinating blue precious stones due to its unique nature and mystery. As far back as Ancient Egyptians were concerned, it has had a long and rich history. Also, the fruit’s color is dark blue with specks of gold or white, making it stand out from the rest.

The Lapis Lazuli gemstone is often compared to a starry sky at night, and you will see that when you look at it up close, it is similar to a starry sky at night. Adding a Lapis Lazuli ring or a pair of earrings to your look will be a great way to give your outfit a subtle, mysterious feel.


Aquamarine is considered the birthstone for March and one of the most sought-after blue gemstones in the world. This particular stone in the blue precious stones list has a distinctive light blue hue and a great deal of clarity, and it only exists in the same family as emeralds.

The most valuable Aquamarine stones have vivid deep blue hues and look stunning. Also, this splendid gemstone has a good hardness rating (7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale), so it’s ideal for jewelry like ​​aquamarine ring to be worn daily.

One thing that is for sure to be kept in mind is that most of the Aquamarine gemstones available on the market receive some color treatment to enhance their beautiful blue color.

The Blue Diamond

One of the rarest and yet most famous diamonds worldwide is the blue diamond. Blue diamonds are also highly valued not only for their glorious color but also for their beauty. Apart from having a perfect hardness rating of 10, blue diamonds are available in various shades.

If you wish to purchase blue diamond jewelry, be prepared to pay more than you would for clear diamond jewelry. Despite its rarity, we all love this diamond variety.

Benefits of Blue Gemstones

Bluestones have several astrological benefits. Also, blue stones have healing properties, which is why they are so popular.

According to Astrology, blue stones are generally recommended for Capricorn and Aquarius signers. Blue precious stones are recommended for the zodiac sign Libra in Western Astrology. As well as Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus, blue stones are suitable for the wear of Taurus and Gemini.

As the most robust blue stone, Blue Sapphire manifests the fastest astrological and healing properties. The benefits of Blue Topaz, Iolite, and Blue Zircon are similar to those of Blue Sapphire. However, the implementation of this benefit takes longer than Blue Sapphire.

Blue precious stones have the following astrological benefits:

  • Business, Job, and Project Success – If you want to break the deadlock in your career, wear blue gemstones, and you\’ll see a dramatic change in your fortunes within a short period.
  • Increasing Financial Stability – Blue gemstones can turn around sliding fortunes, as these stones open up opportunities for wealth creation and management.
  • Be Famous and Popular – Blue gemstones are believed to bring fame and popularity to the wearer by helping them gain recognition in their respective communities for their talents and skills.
  • Work Ethic Improvement – The wearing of blue gemstones can make a certain person more focused, determined, and progress-oriented in their work, enabling the wearer to improve their work ethics.
  • Cleansing – It is believed that blue stones can help the body detoxify by eliminating toxins and harmful acids.
  • Boosts Sleep Quality – A stone such as tourmaline can help heal emotions, improve concentration, and improve sleep for insomniacs and people with sleep disorders.
  • Enhances Immunity and Health – Blue precious stones can also help you lose weight and reduce stress, apart from relaxing your digestive system and cleansing your liver, kidney, skin, and blood.

What Influences the Price of Blue Precious Gemstones?

Several things determine the price of blue precious stones, including their Astrological and healing properties. To determine the price of blue gemstones, there are five factors to consider: origin, color, clarity, cut, and shape.

The Origin

The origin of blue precious stones influences their price. Among other factors, Kashmiri Blue Sapphires are significantly more expensive than other sapphires because of their rarity and true blue color. Furthermore, Thailand Blue Sapphires are much more affordable.


Colors of deep and true blue increase the rate of blue stones by a significant margin. There is a high likelihood that a genuine Blue Sapphire will fetch a much higher price than an Iolite with a softer tone.


As with most precious and semi-precious gemstones, blue stones also come with various inclusions that make them look stunning. As a result, blue stones that are eye-clean and have few or no visible inclusions sell for much more than those with inclusions.

Cut & Shape

A well-cut blue gemstone sells for a reasonable price since it enhances its brightness and conceals its inclusions. A rounder or oval-shaped blue stone will cost less than a square or another custom shape because less stone is wasted in manufacturing. Due to the waste of the rough blue stone, the cabochon cut of the stone sells for more than the rough blue stone.


Heat treatment enhances the color in some blue stones to remove color zones and bring out the true colors. When it comes to the value of blue stones, one should generally consider that the natural stones that are not heated or chemically altered are generally more valuable than those that have been heated or altered.

Key Takeaways

Take advantage of the online search engine because you will have more options than at a physical store. Irrespective of the occasion, it is worn for. You will not regret wearing blue gemstones if you have the right supplier serving you in the best way possible. 

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