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Scamming all around. Are you also a victim?

Every day we read in the news how people turn into the victim of fraud and scamming. It doesn’t matter whether someone is rich or poor, being a victim of such a trick can be deadly. Since COVID-19 came into…

Freelancers – Never Trust the Sweet Words of the Client!

Since the demand for remote work is increasing every day, most people are working remotely during this epidemic. Some people work for themselves as freelancers, while there are others who another company employs. The content of this blog comes from…

Warrior Woman Still Exists – Kangana Ranaut

What do you guys think? Whoever’s a hero in the movies is also a hero in real life just like Kangana Ranaut? Nope, not at all. We see these things more and more every day. Some people on this planet…

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