Scamming all around. Are you also a victim?

Scamming all around. Are you also a victim?

As we tune in to the news each upcoming day that people are turning into the victim of Frauds and Scams. No matter, the individual is rich or poor, being the victim of such a trick is a deadly thing. Individuals are, as of now focused on as a result of the effect of COVID-19.

Now, these tricks are making an issue in people’s lives. These Scams are quickly becoming in one place as well as globally. These scams are of several types, no matter if it’s an Online scam or Offline Scam.

A scam is a “Scam”. But why do people do such scams? People do scams in one or the other way. We need to be more Alert and protect ourselves from such scams.


A scam is that thing in which some people come and brainwash your mind, and either take your money or do some stealing. The Scam is not only in India but it’ Globally.

It is spreading very quickly. As per the Australian reports, here the younger generation is becoming the victim of such Scams. Even it has noticed a loss of $5.81 million just because of threat-related scams. 

Scam can either be Offline or it can be Online. But, in general, people get spotted in Online scams just because some are given their phones at an early age and they, unfortunately, become the victim of online scams. Let us further see different types of Online scams. 

Buyer and seller scams: This is one of the common scams in which every person gets caught. In this Scam, consumers find themselves helpless when they get trapped or carried away by such fake sponsored ads.

Once the buyer purchases the product and makes the full payment online, these scammers suddenly disappeared and sometimes changed their numbers.

Job and employment scams: Under this Scam, the Scammer usually contacts from either a phone, an email, and sometimes through a Letter. This is the reason you are encouraged not to give your number to someone. In this Scam, people show different offers.

They by giving you various offers attract you towards them to grab money quickly from you. They will ask for payment from you, and once the payment approves, they will not pick your calls or even change the number.

Some do fake calling from out of India, and ask you to join their firm, and try to assure you and ask for some amount of money for your Visa, and all but in actuality, these all are Scams. 

Nigerian Scams: Nigerian Scam is a scam in which some foreigner message you on your Social media account, and ask them that an immense amount got stuck somewhere. They will ask for your bank details and ask by telling the big amount that they need to withdraw, but it is not allowed in the city.

They will ask for your bank account number and bank details. Once you give your details, the next they do is to clear your whole account. This is what we call a Nigerian scam. So, it would help if you were Alert. 

Lottery scam: In Lottery scams, you will get a message that you win a lottery, and you get a chance to visit outside India. You need to pay some amount of money, and they will mention the prize is Confidential and they will say the requested money can either be a courier charge, government tax, insurance tax, and this or that.

And, then these people will continually offer you that if you miss this chance you are surely going to lose the prize and till the time you will not pay, till the time they will follow you. 

How you can protect yourself from all kinds of scams?

  • No need to share any personal information with anyone.
  • Never ever believe in the Online deals.
  • Make sure not to share your Credit card details and bank details with anyone.
  • If you find any deals and offers online, then you can search first related to it and then react.
  • If someone offers you to earn more money in a less period, then keep in mind that it’s a Spam.
  • Don’t trust any phone call, email, and letter.

Always prefer shopping on a trusted site and make sure that the site is offering Cash on delivery, if you are going to make Online payment, pay it only if it’s a verified site.

As we are talking of the latest scams, how can we forget of the latest Scam that happened with an Aged uncle and Aunt. We are sure you are also familiar with the Baba ka Dhaba Scam.

By taking advantage of their innocence, the Scammer took the money that they received as a Donation in Gaurav’s account, and they became the victim of a scam.

And, the Scammer was a boy named Gaurav, who is a food blogger, and Gaurav was the main reason behind the viral of Baba ka Dhaba. After getting loads of sympathy, this Scammer’s Insta handle too got verified, and many were giving him appreciation, but after doing a good thing, he showed his bad side too by taking the money of that aged Uncle and Aunt. 

Wrapping up!

What we can do is to guide you, but you have to come out of such Scams on your own. If any of your friend or any firm approaches you to earn without any hassle and in shortcut, then it’s your responsibility to not fall in their trap as they do try to take your advantage from you.

There is no shortcut to being successful if it is so, then every Indian should be wealthy. If you want to succeed, you need to hustle a lot. So, there is no need to come in anyone’s talk and make efforts on your own.


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