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Freelancer and Clients

Freelancers – Never Trust the Sweet Words of the Client!

Since the demand for remote work is increasing every day, most people are working remotely during this epidemic.

Some people work for themselves as freelancers, while there are others who another company employs.

The content of this blog comes from the perspective of a freelancer.

However, you have probably never heard of such a topic about clients and freelancers.

There is a reason for this: most individuals give freelancers minor consideration, yet they do not realize how valuable freelancers are. There is no need for concern! Here is our turn to introduce you to a topic we hope you will find interesting.

What do you think? Are you ready to dive into our trolling level to get a new perspective on your day?

Here we go!

Are you also a Freelancer? If so, are you afflicted by the same stage we freelancers experience?

Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting clients who treat you as the most important person in the world when you first meet? There is always a saying that you will have a lot of work in front of you.

Their direct message is that you should prioritize their work and put off other tasks later. However, once they receive payment, they change the topic or claim they will give you a lot of work.

Do you have any thoughts regarding freelancers in general? Or do you not have much experience in this field?
For those unfamiliar with what a Freelancer does, please allow us to describe what a Freelancer does and the important role they play in a client’s business.


In the context of Freelancing, a Freelancer is an individual who is self-employed and works from home. Depending on the freelancer’s skill set, he or she may be able to earn a good amount of money by working on multiple projects.

There is no limit to the types of clients freelancers can work with. There are organizations that prefer to work with freelancers under an agreement, while others rely on the concept of trust.

It is well known that we live in a country where a great deal of talent exists.

The same is true for freelance work. There are many types of freelancers, such as photographers, copywriters, caterers, digital marketers, web developers, graphic designers, content writers, etc. Freelancers are usually paid either on an hourly or daily basis for their for their work.

You now know what a freelancer is like. Despite working hard full-time, some freelancers are not rewarded for their diligent work by their clients. In fact, the client never appreciates, even if he uses harsh words in order to make the freelancer believe that the client is straightforward and that the freelancer is the culprit.

In reality, this is not the case. We will describe how clients reveal their true colors through the names of their real colors.

Some clients demonstrate their pride in their work

This is the first thing every client says when we first contact them. Are you aware of what? It is likely that you already know if you are a freelancer. All right! Take a moment to listen to the client’s words from the perspective of a writer.

If you give us quality work, we will work with you for a long time.” It doesn’t matter whether the price is in points or paisas, they want good work.

It means you will be an entrepreneur after working with them; HAHAHA, and their constant words are, “We will increase your pay after some time.” No matter whether they can earn food from their home or not. They will increase your pay, or some clients think of themselves as Mukesh Ambani. Omg……..!!

Secondly, when clients appear real, but their behaviors and conversations indicate that they are phonies. They are looking for quality work with a low payout. That’s hilarious! This thing clearly identifies “BHALE HI KHUD KE PAAS CHALANE KE LIYE CYCLE NAHI HO, LEKIN DUSRO KI GAADI MEIN KAMI NIKALNA HAI.” 

Some Time Passing Clients

Now let’s talk about the clients we receive from Facebook. Facebook’s clients are of an extremely high level. Now, if you were wondering whether they would give you work worth 50K, they would not. That’s funny! No, not at all.

They people do work as a servant themselves. They want quality work, but if you think of working for them, you should better open a tea stall that might improve your earning but never rely on such kind of cheap clients.

Other Type of Clients

From an SEO Point of View 

Let’s see the real face of clients from an SEO’s point of view. Some clients who work with you show their real faces during the time of payment. They started to find errors in the Freelancer’s work, and their words are always like “You need to work more hard, I’m not satisfied or bla bla bla. or sometimes cut your pay by acting smart.

Although all these things are cleared, bringing the site on the top page of Google within a month is not at all possible, but they think like it’s everyone’s cup of tea. However, they don’t know a single “S” of SEO, but the way they complain is like they are the master of this field.

If within a month, you don’t get the ranking, then they start to put a weapon on your neck; their words change from “It’s okay work harder to, we don’t care how you do… We want to rank.” AREY JAB GOOGLE BABA HI NI RAZI, TOH TUM KYA UKHAD LOGE…

Don’t ask them for payment else their heart will start to pain. Like a Freelancer asked them for their kidney. If you don’t have the potential to play well to the Freelancers, better work independently. Don’t beg for the freelancers to work for you.

They make efforts too; if you can’t appreciate them, at least don’t demotivate them. Don’t forget that Karma doesn’t leave anyone. Pay Freelancers on time instead of cutting their costs. 

From a Graphic Designer’s Point of View 

Some Clients think Logo designing or Graphic designing is an effortless task, just like their rejected drawing of class 1st. But, in reality, it’s not like this. Ask a client to design a graphic one time, and they will get to know, it’s not a design that you used to create during school time; everything is considered here.

It’s a professional work that requires only skilled and creative persons. The client always speaks bla bla bla just by giving you a penny, but it’s not easy sitting in front of System for around 4-5 hours to create a graphic for your business, and still, if a client does not like it, the client is going nuts.

The other thing is that they are always in a hurry, and if by mistake, any freelancer cannot understand, they take away their work. Now, who makes the client understand that designing a logo is not that easy, it’s not a tea stall to prepare a tea within 2 mins. It’s a matter of professionalism, and if you don’t know the meaning of professionalism, google it.

From the Tele-caller point of view 

If, after proper tele-calling and efforts, the calling person cannot get the results, the client will fall behind his life and is going to eat him like a chicken. Oh god!

Some clients run for leads, but they can’t see the efforts of a tele-caller, and if the Freelancer is not able to complete the target, then what they do? Do they give you their life, or do they give you their liver? Hmmm…

Instead of demotivating them, if you encourage them, it can be a case that they achieve the target. If you tell any client to crack the deal, they switch to Hindi or maybe any other language after conversing with two words English.

If there is any mistake in the work, they make faces like a comedy circus joker. It will be better to give them a mirror at that time and tell them to have a look at themselves. LOL! 

Note for the people who give work to Freelancers

First of all, we are not pointing out anyone here. The purpose of this blog is to freshen up your mood, but if we see the reverse side, this is the harsh reality that every Freelancer faces while doing the work of clients.

At least motivate them so that they, after getting the motivation, give you the much better outcome from the next time, but if you demotivate them, there may be a case when they never respect you and provide the negative view regarding your work.

Note for freelancers

This is a special message for the freelancers. First of all, you need to be picky of your clients, as this is the generation where no one is yours. Only people show that they are with you and, in the end, betray you.

And, here is the case of clients, how can you think they will be of yours? No dear. You’re mistaken.

A client is of no one. If you are expecting your client is going to give you loads of work with loads of money. Here, it can be a case when you get loads of work, but don’t expect that he will fill up your pocket. If he is assuring you of bulk work at starting, then don’t forget to take a little security to gain the trust. 

Especially for Freelancer Girls/women

If someone asks for your number on Facebook or any other social media channel or asks for any samples before. Then, remember one thing, if the client is serious about work, he/she can give you work on that platform. Many scams are going on social media channels, and they people act like they are going to work, but in actuality, some do ask for your details for collecting the data.

Or some act more smartly by showing your samples to their clients that they have written such. Foolish beggers (clients)! Remember to show only a single sample published on the Internet if you think the client is genuine, and if the client is sincere, then that one sample is enough for them to give you work or test your skills. Maintain the quality, and you will get the right clients. 

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