Don’t Fear from Failure, Fear of Not Trying.

Don’t Fear from Failure, Fear of Not Trying.

Hey people! The duo of Him&Sim is here with our new blog. After that roasting blog, we are here to give you some of the essential teachings of life, not only for the students who are going to give their exams but also for those who fear of not trying again. Have you ever thought that this fear of not trying is taking you far from Success?

That is why, Him&Sim has expressed, “no need to fear losing, no matter whether you are going to give your exams or it’s any new step of your life. If you are also a student whose exams are on the way or are also suffering from the same issue every eight out of ten students generally suffer before exams. And, if the fear of failure is still in your mind?

No need to worry as it’s just a sheet of paper that will take you only a step above from your studies, but don’t forget that you will get real teachings from your life only. Many possibilities of fear are there, but first, we should have a look “Why do students fear of getting failed?

Why do students fear from getting failed?

In today’s era, why do students fear failure? Do they think they cannot consume knowledge, or do people’s opinions matter to them the most? Many are here who do believe education is a burden in life. People do a comparison, or sometimes, they forget that they are studying to get knowledge, not to get any certificate or degree.

If you want to learn, at least study to gain knowledge. If you will not get clear today, why do you worry? Today or tomorrow, you surely will, but the knowledge you will gain will be with you. No one will ask for your number.

It doesn’t matter how much marks you succeed in exams, but what matters is how much knowledge you gain, and how much you stand yourself in life. If you are studying, study to gain knowledge, as it will follow you for a lifetime.

No one will be with you if you will fear everything, and if you will be bold and face your fear, people will be yours. Try to invest your time in yourself and study to make you win, not gain others’ points of view. Let’s proceed further and see what the most prominent fear people always face is.

Biggest fear – What will the people say?

The biggest fear people generally face is What people say. Why you prefer people’s opinions when life is yours? If you want to achieve something in life, stop fearing from people as it’s people’s work to show you your downfall and don’t forget one simple thing. Why does someone want you to succeed more than him?

People will not change, they will continually judge you, but it’s your responsibility to not give a Fuck. It’s said that don’t ever fear of trying, “Ya toh Kuch seekh jaoge ya fir jeet jaoge“. Failure will take you only one step back, but if you try again, it can be the case that you win. Progressing slowly is not wrong, but after losing, not trying again is wrong.

After failure, please, its a request. Don’t take the wrong step. After failing in the exam, some people think that we will not be able to succeed, now we will do this, or that, or end our life or anything. NEVER EVER TAKE SUCH STEP IN LIFE.

Ending your life is not a solution; it directly impacts your family. Never forget to play for yourself in this winning and losing in life. Life is yours; choose to live Happily. As it is said that “Jab Jeena hi har haal mein hai, toh muskura ke jeene mein kya nuksaan?

If you tackle every situation, then the failure will also fail in front of you. On the contrary, if you will take the wrong step, you will consider a LOSER. Be brave, as brave ones don’t fear failure.

Teachings of life

No matter. How many books you read, the real lesson you will get from life only. Try to observe everything and live life without any hassle. No matter, the downfall is in business or an exam, how will you get to know your potential if you will not lose?

Tell us one thing, when you walk on the street, don’t you face any obstacle (Stone)? Do you, after seeing that small stone, get scared of crossing it? No! In the same way, your life problems are also a type of stone, some are bigger, or some are small.

So, instead of fearing from that hurdle, try to tackle the situation by removing that stone from your path. Always remember the more you will fall, the more you will shine like a diamond.

In the end, we both will say don’t make your life a pressure cooker. Enjoy your life by making it stress-free. No matter, happiness is big or small, never judge yourself by thinking of others.

Be happy with whatever you have. And, always be pleased with your life. And, learn from whatever you have. Don’t think of your exam as a pressure cooker. School and college is our education system, which gives us knowledge along with education. Better gain from it as an education.

From the small loss, if you are learning anything, it’s not a loss. Change the level of your thinking, life will itself get changed. In the end, we will say that try but don’t cry. So, we are ending up here. If you are looking for your favorite motivational speaker, Him&Sim to guide you at your most needy phase, write to us at


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