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Let’s make India ATMA NIRBHAR – BOYCOTT Chinese products?

As we all are Indians, but we are habitual of using Chinese products. A toy your kid use at home or mobile you own, everything is “Made in China“.

These Chinese products play a very important role in people’s life. From a child to an Adult, everyone relies on Chinese products, and we Indians are indirectly benefitting them and this has impacted a lot to the Indian economy.

Chinese products are imported to India, and people love spending their penny on such products. Indeed, even Chinese items are given extraordinary importance during celebrations like Chinese lights on Diwali for home design and even inflatables, water guns, all that we depend on is of China.

These Chinese products in one way or another undoubtedly attract Indians towards them. Are you still wondering how? Okay! So, we won’t burn your time. Let’s see how Chinese products attract Indians towards them.

How Chinese Product Attract Indians?

  • As Chinese products cost a very low cost that every Indian can easily afford, this is one of the major reasons most Indians prefer to buy Chinese products.
  • Many technical companies produce their technical parts in China, and China finishes that product and sells in India, and just because of advancement in their product, Indians attract towards them.
  • Apart from using several Chinese products, Indians are also habitual of some of the Chinese applications like Tiktok, Wechat, Shareit, etc. that attract Indians.

As we’ve seen how these Chinese products attract Indians to a great extent, we should also have a look at how Indian products are also beneficial and why we should buy them.

Some Features of Indian Products

  1. All Indian items are adapted with ISO standards, and they are of much better quality in contrast with Chinese items.
  2. Most of the Indian companies offer guarantees as well as the warranty on their products that have not been found in Chinese products.
  3. The best thing about Indian products is they are durable and also have the last longing capacity that helps to save money too.
  4. The Customer support of Indian companies is much better in comparison to the Chinese one.
  5. You can easily rely on Indian products as they give proper security and trust. Whenever you purchase an Indian product, you are much satisfied that your money is invested in the proper place.
  6. As per the introduction of ‘’MAKE IN INDIA’, many companies felt a sense of upliftment, and through their ATMA NIRBHAR movement, Indians have gained a Momentum.

How Indian Products Can Benefit Us?

  • Purchasing an Indian product benefits a buyer in several ways:
    It helps in the rapid growth of the economy, and also offers a large domestic market to the Manufacturers.
  • The labor force of India is still young, skilled as well as cost-efficient that will help in getting more employment and create more job opportunities for Indian people.
  • If the products will manufacture in India, economic growth will be inevitable, and this will give a boost to the Trade sector.
  • Still, many urban customers prefer different International brands instead of trusting on their products. Just because of this, many Indian companies feel a setback and suffer a huge loss in the market. If you will purchase Indian products, the brand value of Indian companies will automatically increase and help in developing their business.

But, don’t you think boycotting Chinese products is a little difficult as we all heavily rely on Made in China products. I guess it can be possible. But, when? Let us have a look at When is Boycott China possible.

When Is “Boycott China” Possible?

We can say Boycotting Chinese can be possible when the financial hole among India and China will be narrow. In between the decision between the two nations, it is possible to blacklist the Chinese items.

Made in China name has been running in India for over years in pretty much every industry that is working in India, and this includes some consumer durable products like Toys, Medicines, Garments, and many goods.

Now, as you guys are aware of both the aspects of both and how Chinese Products by increasing their sales are stopping our economy to rise or we can say it’s an obstacle for Indian products. So, let us join with India and make our India ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT by boycotting all the Chinese items and begin expending Indian items. It will be the best choice by which we can raise our Indian economy.


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