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KEM hospital Mumbai

Alive Patient from Prabhadevi Declared Dead in Mumbai.

Ongoing news has circulated the Internet about the KEM Hospital in which a patient that was suffering from COVID-19 has been announced dead by the Doctors. But, that patient was alive in reality. This thing demonstrates that whatever you see is not a reality. 

Prakash Parmar who is the dad of the deceased Parmar, stated, his son got conceded in the KEM Hospital since he was experiencing a fever. But, after the treatment Doctors declared him dead, and he was alive. 

According to the views of Doctors of the KEM Hospital, the patient was dead. Yet, the family members of the patients forcefully asked the doctors to connect the deceased body with the Ventilator.

When the ventilator begins and if that the dead body of the individual is attached with the Ventilator, at that point air is pushed to the chest part of the body and it shows a different movement in the Ventilator.

The family member of the deceased person requested that the Doctor measure the temperature of the patient. While the temperature just tells that the heart is as yet beating.

From that point onward, Kin got angry when he came to know the patient was alive and announced dead by the Doctor. From that point forward, the family members used many bad words in the Hospital. 

Whosoever policemen were on duty that time was also present there.

A thing likewise comes out that the family members of the patient shot the video. Without keeping any rules and regulations, the patient’s family members did this and it was also violating the rules of the Hospital and also the wards.

Everything was mentioned that the entire part of individuals gathered in the ward, and simultaneously was not following the social distancing. 

Indeed, even the hospital authorities approached the police and along with it, complained about a file against them. The Senior auditor Vinod Kamble said that they enlisted a complaint against them under Section 141 (unlawful assembly), 143 (being individual from the unlawful gathering), 509 (word, motion or act expected to affront the humility of a lady), 504 (deliberate affront to incite break of harmony), 506 (criminal terrorizing), 500 (maligning).According to the Indian corrective code, segment 6 of scourge illness act or segment 5 Maharashtra Medicare service person and Federal health insurance service institutions(Prevention of Violence and Damage or Loss to Property) Act, 2010.

Likewise, the police officer stated, we are researching the situation and looking at everything like who used the abusive language and disrupted the guidelines in the Hospital.


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